How to use GlideCam – Canon DSLR Tip #2

How to use GlideCam – Canon DSLR Tip #2

- in CANON


  1. How did you manage to maintain focus on those birds?

  2. awesome video

  3. Thanks for sharing guy

  4. I want it! The beach

  5. glidecam e fantastico realmente da uma estabilidade .

  6. I finally got the balancing down. It's just the technique of how you hold and walk with it that I'm having issues with -_-

  7. Thank you so much for your video!
    Its perfectly explained :)

  8. Hey, I have a problem. I've got a samsung nx1000 and it's weight is 400g. I have tryed to use it on my glidecam hd 2000 but with no good results. I think it's too light. Is it possible to get it work with some extra weights?

  9. Neutron Last Genius

    this video really help me… Thank's

  10. D.J. “DJ Pulce” Pulce

    I don't usually LOL, but LOL at this video. Thanks for the help!

  11. Dude, that was awesome! Thank you for keeping it simple and telling it straight.

  12. Awesome video

  13. Josef Dacia Düster

    Ja da ist ja unser Freund wieder der gute alte Strandlaeufer. Noch immer so jung wie vor einem Jahr. Sagt einmal wie macht der das dass er nicht altert ?

  14. SocietateaAscendenta

    Thanks, guys!
    This helped!

  15. You should really get a wind shield

  16. thanks for sharing…nice tips

  17. Which lens are you using for the canon on the GlideCam?

  18. NICE

  19. you look like Anthony Kiedis (RHCP frontman) from the Blood Sugar Sex Magik/One Hot Minute era

  20. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.Keep on posting!

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