How to take great Astrophotography and night sky photography tutorial

How to take great Astrophotography and night sky photography tutorial

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  1. Will a 50mm work?

  2. I'll definitely try taking some nice night sky photos this winter. Maybe some pictures of Northern light as well. Pretty common in my part of Norway.

  3. "Would this work with my phone camera?"

  4. What camera is that??

  5. I don't have a editing programme at the moment, and for that I cant edit the grain in my photos with a ISO 3200. What other setting should I use to avoid this? Anybody, please help! Thanks.

  6. wow.. thanks

  7. i don't understand why there are 54 dislikes

  8. would you say the Sony a7 is a good option for this ?

  9. Thanks your video has made me feel confident to take my nikon D300 out one clear night for my first ever star shot , will keep you posted.

  10. gastoniatraindude18

    So I guess that wouldn't work a digital camera?

  11. Very helpful, thanks and happy shooting!

  12. thank you so much I took amazing pictures with your tips

  13. With regards to the Time Lapse vids, what sort of processing software is needed? Surely, the quality of the video shown here is not "straight" out of the camera, there must have been some post work done.

  14. what camera is this

  15. thank you! so far the most simple, clear, straight to the point demonstration about night sky shooting I have seen. thumbs up!

    Wish I had the money

  17. you are the best astrophotographer
    hats off

  18. I don't have that "B" mode in my canon 100D 😀 what should i do ? :)

  19. great video, very well explained, thanks

  20. oh my god thank you so much!

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