How To Shoot with a Canon DSLR Rebel T5i

How To Shoot with a Canon DSLR Rebel T5i

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  1. Wow, now that was a useful tutorial.

  2. this such a horrible tutorial. ah real why bother to watch. i'm not posting this to be a nasty. I know you had the good intentions, and to those further along, maybe it provided the needed information, but to a beginner, you must see how, your explanations of the features are entirely redundant?

  3. Thank you so very much! Your video is VERY informative and beneficial. Now I know what all those strange terms mean! lol

  4. Very concise and to the point. I like it.

  5. Where is the focus dial?

  6. omg thanks

  7. I tried all of this but the people I shot didn't get hurt…

  8. Nice video! I do have a question if possible please. I just got this camera and am not able to figure how how to change the iso, f stop, and shutter while using video for this camera. I understand how to change it for taking pictures but can not figure it out for video. If you could let me know how to do this, that would be great. Thank you!

  9. Great Video! Short and Sweet!

  10. My T5i video menu doesn't look like yours at all (it doesn't have the two columns on the left that include the movie recording size, etc.). Do you know how to fix that? Thanks for the video, btw!

  11. Hello do you know how I can manual focus the camera? I just filmed a video and it kept blurring out every few seconds I just want to record and have it be clear..thank you!!!

  12. should I buy one is it worth the money

  13. I found this very helpful!

  14. I'm legally blind and working to learn how to use the new Rebel T5i that the Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind purchased for me to use as part of our production work within my business, Blind Man's Bluff Productions.  Thank you so much for this video – it was very helpful 🙂

    W. Ray Bertram
    Executive Director and Producer
    Blind Man's Bluff Productions
    "This Is Arkansas"

  15. One of the best videos I have seen to help me get started using my Canon T5 i. Simple but that is exactly what I have been looking for.

  16. whitney hug (itswittyhug)

    Thanks a lot! Very informative 

  17. Containing my first dslr. Thanks for the help!

  18. very helpful video! thanks. i still have alot of questions that you could help me that possible if i could contact you by email? please and thanks!

  19. Awesome video can you make a more in depth tutorial if this camera please?

  20. I just got this camera the other day. I tried filming a video with it today and both times, it looked fine on the camera but when I uploaded the video, it was blurry. I was told to use the lens manual focus and the little plus and minus buttons on the right top of the camera it make the little box focus on the eyes (person sitting where I would be shooting my video). I tried doing this and it was just so confusing to me considering I have never owned any type of camera besides a normal and cheap hand held one. I will be using this to shoot beauty videos and tutorials. Is this something you can help me with? Any help would be appreciated. Btw…I think I have the T5 not the T5i if that helps.

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