How To Record Video With DSLR Camera!

How To Record Video With DSLR Camera!



  1. haha funny

  2. music at ending??

  3. Might be a bit late, but do a follow up for how to take picture with DSLR (portrait/landscape)

  4. Abishek “Sesmo” Benjamin

    OmG dude you know all this nerdy stuff and yet you make it sound so A-SIMPLE xD

  5. Actually more to the point than I was expecting. Thanks.

  6. GREAT VIDEO! Same Camera 😀 The best "DSLM" camera in the world… (for me!) I also make videos with this camera.

  7. Nice video, funkily explained, however whenever I record video with my DSLR, in good lighting, the image quality looks terrible, as if is was out of focus, muddy and grainy. I have focused the camera properly, so could is be AVCHD compression? Should I record in RAW format? Thanks

  8. Brollic Black Dude Requis

    this is a very good video, but you're trying too hard to be funny

  9. You used Michael Jackson's picture fof the example for ISO XD

  10. jeffery cungzalal

    LOL……u said hot pussy

  11. OH MY GOD MY EYES !KL.K;L.L;K.,M/;K/

  12. I like how you called your mirrorless camera a DSLR.

  13. "…now we have a hot pussy".

  14. Channel Discontinued

    "now we have a hot pussy" Hahahahaha

  15. Too bad GH3 is not a DSLR

  16. We're not Steven Spielberg! *Picture of Stephen Hawking*
    Man, I laughed so much at that.

  17. Cruelty Free Sara

    i think from now on ANYthing that gets sold ANYwhere, should come with your instructions 😉 

  18. Channel Discontinued

    You should do 'How to edit videos'

  19. Thank you VERY much for this video! Educational, funny as f*ck and with perfect timing! i'm gonna buy a Canon 700d in a couple of months. Have you had any experience with that camera? 🙂

  20. You are very funny Sam… following you :))

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