How To Hack Your Nikon DSLR

How To Hack Your Nikon DSLR

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  1. Hi! Thanks for an awesome video, though when I apply the firmware update and even after it shows succesful update, when I check the footage from my camera, it's still recording at 24Mbps. Any ideas?

  2. hey when u turn u r camera in direction of nikon box I can see u r phone with dua tone flashlight so the squary look of 5s

  3. hi the link in the description don't work .
    when i open the web site i see the publicity of microsoft so i can't patch the firmware….
    help me!

  4. Nikon 1 v1 firmware is not working. it is saying " No matching"

    Any plan to update ? For Nikon 1 cameras.

  5. u r shotting with a iphone 5s lol

  6. hi i have an issue with my hacked firmware and would like to get some help, the video tells it more than i can say


  7. When I go to the firmware version all it says is done there is no update? I put the new .bin right in the root folder of the SD

  8. Hi, my nikon D3200 is on 1.03 2002 and after doing this hack I tried with (54 and 64mbps ) but when I tired to record a video it works for 5 to 6 seconds then an error message appears " video recording is interrupted please wait " … I return to the original firmware and everything work just fine …do you have a fix for that

  9. Por qué no me deja entrar en el Patch de la página web me parece publicidad de Microsoft

  10. This is cool and all, but how does increasing the mbp/s to 65 actually effect the usage of the camera? I mean, does this effect things like the battery life, heating up. and etc.?

  11. nowhere near magic lantern.

  12. when the firmware for the nikon 5300??

  13. How do you know if the hack is working on your camera?

  14. bravo

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