How to fix the Nikon DSLR “Press shutter release button again” error

How to fix the Nikon DSLR “Press shutter release button again” error

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  1. Catalin Cucutianu

    worked great on my D40

  2. I did it but after few shots it comes again ! please help !

  3. Thanks Worked

  4. nice instructions

  5. my d80 is showing an err can't see anything in view finder I have tried cleaning the risk conectors but no change I have checked mirror …I'm crying 🙁 nothing seems to work
    I need help :(

  6. Luigi Angelo Quigao

    This really helps me alot! thanks!

  7. Hi guys, can anyone tell me how do I know that the shutter is the problem?
    I have the same error, but everything seems to work fine.
    The mirror is working properly, I think;
    And I can see the shutter "thingy" moving when I take pictures.
    Can this error be something else then shutter or mirror?

  8. You, Sir, ROCK!!!  Many blessings upon you!! Worked a treat with my D40X, just had to be careful not to strip the screws. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ah – encountered this problem on d40 with ~45k shutter count.. havent tried lubricating the wheel, but just cleaning it did not help.

  10. thanks , it worked with my camera D40X, I fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I like this video, but I would not attempt to spray into a camera. Spraying may cause no harm, but…. I would apply a drop or two on a toothpick or something allowing more control. This is apparently a problem on the D60 as well. I wonder how many shutter counts accumulated before this is a problem. Shutter counts are found in EXIF data on Flickr for some cameras. Cheers

  12. Veronika Labajova

    Thank you, D3000 works again.

  13. Thx so much. Fixed my camera in 5 mins

  14. Does it work for the nikn d3000 as well?

  15. Is it work on Nikon d800? Please help me 🙂 

  16. Thank you! It helped!!!! (y)

  17. Thank you, works well! But for me (D60), it happens again and again after a few photos. I seriously think about making a hole under it to access the gear… I'll try Matt F.  advice: no WD40 but air, even if it's too late (I used quite a lot of WD40!)

  18. ohh after a few hours it stopped working again!!!


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