How to Connect Your Canon or Nikon DSLR to Use as a Webcam

How to Connect Your Canon or Nikon DSLR to Use as a Webcam

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  1. does nikon l840 work with this

  2. Question, does connecting an external mic to the camera itself help with audio quality?

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    i didnt understand cause i bought nikon d3300 and connect the camera in usb device and i turned on the "spark" and its black please if you can uploade full video how to connectwheremaybe we need to change something i dont know

  4. Hi, Great video. Many thanks. We're at the stage where we need to download the EOS utility as we have that black screen. I believe the EOS utility is only for a Canon. Do you know what we need to download for the Nikon please?

  5. Will it work for Canon legria mini x?

  6. To much errrrr ummmm aaaa

  7. dont work on a nikon d3300

  8. Work for Canon CMOS?

  9. Great video, clear and concise. I'm going to try the free version.

  10. Stefanie Alexandra

    in the Canon Sx40hs dont work =

  11. Hi Yan
    Does this program have a mobile phone version

  12. good one .But there is a lag when we record. (Lag between your voice & video)

  13. The canon 1200d wont work

  14. Super Gaming Family

    thanks for the video dude

  15. Lucarius Hamilton

    Using a Rebel T5. No preview. Its just black. Please help

  16. Windows 10 compatible?

  17. Karadjordje Trkulja

    Nikon is not detected at all from SparcoCam…

  18. Does it work on Macs?

  19. what do you use as a camera stand??

  20. Hello and thank you for the video sharing. I have a question, will this program work with Canon SX520? I don't want to expect too much if it won't work. Looking to hear from you. Thanks!

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