How to blur the background in portraits – basic DSLR photography tips

How to blur the background in portraits – basic DSLR photography tips

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  1. very well explained , i just wanted to slow it down a bit . I have the need to watch it again . Thanks .

  2. good tips….tnx for sharing

  3. how to blur in fujifilm hs35exr

  4. which better Nikon 5300 or canon 700 d

  5. i love you for this clip! great work :)

  6. Awesome

  7. I'm following the instructions the subject is about 6feet away, the background is about 20feet away from me, I'm zooming in using the 5.6 aperture but it's blurring the whole picture, what can I possibly be doing wrong? I'm using a Sony nex5r

  8. i go by 1 rule. drop the fstop to the lowest

  9. Hi, enjoyed the video. I'm using a Canon t5i, would I be correct to assume I could use the "P" settings and manually adjust the aperture to achieve these same results? I just have the standard kit len 18mm-135mm.

  10. Damn this was useful af!

  11. For me this is best channel for learning for beginner..but please , make more videos and also more often :Dmore tips and content..because only this channel which is give me detail and clear information about photograph.thanks !

  12. this is the best video out there! 10/10

  13. anakin skywalker

    i have a question does the lens affects also the sharpness of the image! i mean if you upgrade lens will you upgrade the sharpness of the image

  14. thanks for give me knowledge

  15. which lens is used for this ?

  16. superb

  17. Great

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  19. mother f..ker f..k you

  20. This was great ! The easiest to follow tutorial of its type ! Thank you

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