How to Apply a Nikon DSLR Firmware Update to Your Camera

How to Apply a Nikon DSLR Firmware Update to Your Camera

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  1. Good video but forgot to mention one very important thing! Please make sure your camera battery is fully charged before you do the update. Otherwise the camera might shut off during the update and thats a major problem.

  2. after i done that , my d90 camera complealty shut down and not turning on , an green colour l.e.d light is blinking always

    plz solve.

  3. +TheSnapChick
    Thanks for the video.

    I have updated my Nikon D5000 to the latest updated ''NKLD01009.BIN'', but I thought I could make the WU 1a compatible with it. How can I make the WU 1a works with Nikon D5000?


  4. How would you do this if there are multiple updates?

  5. Hmmmm no Linux option, thanks a bunch Nikon, guess I wont be updating my  D7100!!!

  6. Thank you so much! You saved me a lot of time!

  7. everyone post videos on how to update C version, what about the L version. How do I do that? Currently mine is L:1.008

  8. Thanks that really helped. I formatted the card the first time in the second slot and it didn't work. 

  9. great video thank you

  10. great video tutorial TheSnapChik…   add on: make sure battery is full when updating…..

  11. mepanousis panousis

    You are … intentionally sexy …

  12. You hot :)

  13. good one 🙂
    thank you sister 

  14. Thanks for the video, very helpful.

  15. Thanks! :D

  16. I really appreciate you making this video it was a big help THANK YOU.

  17. Thanks for your good instructions.

  18. i have a question , because i downloaded to windows and appear an exe and i can´t open 

  19. Thanks :-)

  20. excellent and really helpful video. thanx friend

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