HDR Photography Before and After – E510 Olympus DSLR

HDR Photography Before and After – E510 Olympus DSLR



  1. You take at least 3 bracketed images one right after the other forcing a -1 > 0 > +1 minimum exposure variable. Then merge them as HDR in a software program that supports it such as Photoshop. The most realistic will be those that merge more than 3 images and go further than -1 > 0 > +1

  2. 1:20 to 1:26 is simply beautiful.

  3. just one photo was good – that one with the road and the trees.. maybe one more others were way to unnatural..

  4. Well done in sync with the beautiful piece of music.

  5. I think you could do 9. max I have tried was 4.

  6. Can it be more than 3 merges? How about 9? Would that look even more sicker!?

  7. nice nice nice nice nice
    55 :p

  8. Excellent way to show what HDR is. Good job.

  9. Great examples for HDR Photography!

  10. Dynamic HDR

  11. Freakpeterstuttgart

    Which tool/ software did you use for your hdr-photos?

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