Gratical X, Olympus air, Adobe CC 2015, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Ep 37

Gratical X, Olympus air, Adobe CC 2015, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Ep 37



  1. Regarding installs of CC 2015, you can retain the 2014 versions by de-selecting the "Remove old versions" option during the update process. This option is in the Advance settings area. Pity that this isn't the default update setting, but at least it is there if you look for it.

  2. good Ep :)

  3. I never bought a gopro . . . I keep fighting myself on this.   The Olympus air may be more my style just because it seems like I can have more control over the picture itself.

    I would love to do multicamera shoots with several fixed cameras and just do a live stream with the multiple cameras.

  4. I like FCP  and had to learn Premier Pro while I was teaching and now use Premier at work.  I still feel faster and more confident with FCP and I use it for most of my YouTube videos. . . .  I should just fully make the switch to Premier Pro so I get better at it and stop comparing the 2.

    I know a lot of people that switched to Vegas as well . . . they love it for smaller projects.

  5. I use an exercise ball as a chair at home.  At work I have a good chair and I have a desk that will rise so I can stand and work.

    I love my exercise ball as a chair.  Keeps me awake and my energy high.

  6. 1 of these days I'll watch samurai Jack    I need to start doing promotions for the side projects I do.  It would make going to film festivals better if I had something to promote the films with . . ..  okay now time for the show  :)

  7. Forgot to tell you, great podcast. They get better and better.

  8. +onelonedork is there a plan for in the future to have a q&a portion. For instance views submitting questions so we could they could get your take on it.

  9. Great podcast once again guys!

  10. Great conversation about gear, thanks for sharing guys.

  11. Except the Sony should be a little better in lower light with that aps-c sensor. 

  12. A good camera 800iso or less how is this different then the aps-c version that Sony did? 

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