GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 2 (External Video Monitor)

GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 2 (External Video Monitor)



  1. Hello +Shattered Glass Productions, firstly, thank you so much for your video ! 2nd, Is there a name for this rig? and lastly, can it be mounted on a shoulder ?
    Thanks in advance !

  2. Hi,

    could you please let us know the part number of the "arm" that came for free for you in the pack? I can´t find it in Lilliput´s web site,


  3. wow…you look like your going to cum! You so excited!! 1:43 gasps!

  4. I'm sorry your TV tray is broken… but nice video :)

  5. Robert Ortega (Xs)

    That is a really nice setup

  6. Anthon Brouneus (Den Awesome Filmmaker)

    How is the colors on the screen, can you adjust exposure with it ?

  7. Prob a dumb question; is there a way to add the aspect ratio lines to it digitally, rather than to put tape directly on the screen?

  8. Do you still recommend this monitor after using it for a while?

  9. Can you do 24p?

  10. hey, i have a b-52.  it belched out some blue smoke one day and died.  sad day — that thing sounded sweet.

  11. I need the tripod you have on this video. What is the model number and do you have a link to where to buy one.

  12. for focus try to use a tape or at least an EVF   focusing on a monitor is tough and never really sharp.  Noon of our camera guys are allowed to focus off of monitor

  13. hi i like your videos… i wanna know how did happened to view both monitor and camera view at same times.. in my camera when i add up monitor and in my camera i can not view anything …please suggest  thank you

  14. great video! but u need a lav bad man.

  15. What is that item you got with the Lilliput monitor for free that attaches the monitor to the

    Rail System 15mm Rod Support for Fotga DP500 ?  I want to purchase one

  16. Just purchased one Thanks again for your video

  17. I use my GH2's Viewfinder and not the flip out screen, and find I have mastered manual focusing on it… The problem I have is how do I pull focus when I'm using and glide cam 2000 etc. ?

  18. It's been a while since you posted this! Are you still using the same setup?

  19. I have that same tripod the head crank broke off on mine so I had to glue it back on but its a nice moderately priced tripod

  20. Hey, what do you think of the monitor's resolution? Is'nt 800×480 a bit too low resolution for a 5" screen? I want to buy a monitor mainly for focussing.

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