Gear #1: Canon 5DS R vs Canon D2000 DSLR

Gear #1: Canon 5DS R vs Canon D2000 DSLR

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  1. Although I'm not sure if the 5DS can go that low….it would be interesting to have it shoot 2mp and then see how only the rest of the hardware changes over time affect the comparison.

  2. So the only place where the older camera is a win is when playing pong…what a surprise…

  3. actually actually actually

  4. Larry Gottschalk


  5. very entertaining video, i enjoyed this. congrats on the gizmodo feature.

  6. I still have my Kodak DC260 and its photos are great. It's all about composition!

  7. I'd like to see a vide like this comparing the iPhone 6s camera to the 5DS

  8. Nice comparison, yes things have moved on but the image quality was impressive for the time.

    However I wouldn't come down so hard on CCD.

    Compare a 5DSr against an equally modern dedicated CCD based astro camera and you'll want the CCD for imaging stars if you have a tracking mount.

    The D2000 was noisy not because it was CCD but because the technology was very new and not terribly optimised, so readout noise and quantum efficiency was poor which was true of CCD and CMOS of that era.

    What CMOS usually gives you is faster readout for a given noise, all else being equal. Great for DSLR, but no point for astro where 5 to10 minute exposures are not uncommon. CCD typically gives you a more even black point (great when pulling out faint objects in post processing) and the option of pixel binning on the sensor (pre-ADC) for substantially greater sensitivity.

    I own a mono 383L+ and a canon DSLR.. plus a 12" imaging scope.

  9. krishnan srinivasan


  10. thanks for sharing, nice video,
    and except the night photos, all other photos of the old camera looks good too, at least in small resolution video

  11. Great video, one thing I always like to point out is that older cameras look just as good if you have good light – on the internet there is indeed no real difference, 2mp is full HD 🙂 I still shoot concerts with a 7 year old sensor, since it is usually heavy metal the light sucks, but I grew out of film, so I am used to seeing that noise. Cheers from Poland!

  12. It's good for pong! Great video.

  13. Canon needs to add Pong to the 5DS R via a firmware upgrade.

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