Full Review : Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

Full Review : Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

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  1. Very helpful thanks.

  2. Nice review.  I wanted to wait on the 70D replacement but theres no sign of one or any rumours circulating on when this will happen.  Gonna go for the 70D soon and upgrade my 650D.

  3. can u tell me where to get the wifi app?when i go to play store they tell me that the app is not available in our country.

  4. I love Turkey President RECEP TAYYİP ERDOGAN

  5. What I don't understand in America, they say hello like "Hey how are you doing?"… but they are not really interested in knowing how I do… makes no sense to me and shows a bit how superficial society has become…

  6. VIDEO TIME LIMIT: The video function automatically shuts down after 29 minutes or 4GB. It would have been nice to know that before hand as we purchased the camera for filming a long event of over an hour. Canon should mention that limitation on the specs.

  7. You CAN monitor the audio levels while filming. You just can't change them then.

  8. when using hdmi out, can we still use the touch screen on the built-in lcd screen?

  9. Thanks 

  10. Is the camera lightweight ?

  11. You can see audio levels when you're recording video. You just need to press the "Info" button until it shows up.

  12. I ve bought a 70dslr and want to fit it on my microscope can u guide me on that

  13. This camer is also for landscape too?

  14. very good thank you

  15. @ Ross  lol some people just have to nag 

  16. if only i had money…I'm into cinematography a whole lot, I've got so much ideas filling up my brain. Its just money for the camera itself is such a major issue…

  17. Quit talking so fast it's very hard to hear exactly what you're saying when you talk so fast please slow down just a little bit!

  18. Michael Didomenico

    I have one a dn I have the 24-105mm, f/4, 'L' lens. It is an awesome combo

  19. Jiggo Jig WeddingCoveage

    I have the 70d now… I really like this camera… Have to purchase spare battery though…

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