Focusing Techniques for Photography

Focusing Techniques for Photography

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  1. @Ted, shifting your focus point works for me personally if I do a "whole body move". How to explain that one though 🙂 I'm guessing, you stay on the exact spot/point of the earth but while recomposing keep the stance of your body solid.

  2. Michael Tigchelaar

    Great video.

    The best thing I ever did for focus was move to what is called back button focus. Or "the way it used to be done"… You can use single or continuous on demand. or take the two types of focus Ted mentions and make them one in a way.. I do events and street so I'm always needing one or the other on the fly and pulling my camera from my face means I miss a shot.. For those who are interested here is an explanation, look it up and try it for you camera model… it can be sticky to get used to for a few hours but one you have it you wont look back!

    By removing the cameras ability to focus from the shutter release button you can set your camera to focus using a back button alone. You keep the camera in continuous focus mode as setting go. As you work holding the back button keeps the camera in continuous mode as you shoot with the shutter button, letting go of the back button stops it from focusing, acting like single mode, and you soot with the shutter button, you can recompose and shoot without it refocusing same as single.. No need to switch anything press the button camera focuses let it go it does not nice and easy… Both types of focusing become a matter of choice in the moment rather than having to plan ahead or fiddle with menus and/or hard to find buttons.. Any time you can do that you have an advantage.

  3. He is providing a very valuable service without hawking products.  That is very good.
    He should focus his thoughts.  Then this could be a 7 minute video and I would not feel like I am panning for gold.   
    He does not have a defined audience to which he is reaching out and lacks lecture self-discipline.   He does a great deal of free association.  Why not create a general outline to speak from?   Why not let someone edit it after he is done?   This is a lack of self-discipline. 
     I think people are drawn to this because it makes them feel fancy, superior and snooty.  I also believe that many people like to hear about things they already know because it makes them feel Knowledgeable.  
      I have to admit I often find golden nugget or two   but I wish he would not make us work so hard for them.  Sometimes I suspect he may be utilizing a very lean intermittent reward schedule to reinforce our watching behavior.
    I give him the grade of B overall but an A for enthusiasm.  I also give him an A for his ability to generate interesting video titles.  
    Maybe I should not complain so much if this is a free service?

  4. Mohd Zakwan Mohamed Zaki

    Could you elaborate landscape photography applying the hyperfocal distance using wide aperture. can it be done or not?
    – user Nikon D3300, kit lens 18-55mm

  5. please talk about zone-focusing

  6. What he said is right, why are you in photography, for being a gear-head or for creating great photos…I was almost obsessed about what gear to get in the future when I should be just happy for now with it and concentrate on creating great photos which is why you chose this hobby in the first place. Thanks a lot!

  7. Great advise.

  8. Andreas Zeevaert

    waste of time

  9. Good Teach.. Thanks! Sir!

  10. Hummm….you could have put in a bit of fotos for examples, instead of babbling about the topic without showing something to the audience for references. Just saying~it could be better 🙂

  11. Arun dakshina murthy

    waste of 22 min

  12. Too much of talking without substance.

  13. Thank you.

  14. Check out my work: Look up "DerrickT" on Flickr.

  15. Fantastic episode. Really glad I found this show. Now I am going to start watching older episodes to catch up. Thanks, Ted for being real and awesome at the same time. Joey

  16. Really helpful..

  17. Forgot to add, I like the idea of a regular episode…

  18. The first photographer I think of for creative focus is Saul Leiter (who you featured in Ep 31 on "Color"). Not only because of his use of focal point and depth-of-field, but also his frequent use of windows, either to shoot through (often frosty/wet/dirty) or to overlay reflections. These add a layer of ambiguity and abstraction which increase interest and also in many cases define the mood of the image.

  19. Another great show Ted. really like the idea of a scheduled show. I am sure that creates it's own headaches for you but I think it is a major plus for your "consumers." Anyhoo, keep the great shows coming. Already looking forward to next Thursday.

  20. Edouard de Saint-Ours

    Hey Ted, great episode, cristal clear advice! I was just thinking this would be a lot sexier if you illustrated your words with photographs you've taken. Just a bit, it would be great!

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