First Look – Wedding Photography Tips with Joe Buissink

First Look – Wedding Photography Tips with Joe Buissink

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  1. Maria Jesus Medina

    Que clase tan fabulosa! thanks for your passion!

  2. Prasanth Anbarasu

    Hi Mr. Joe It's great teaching.. About wedding photography and how to approach clients it's really useful to me… Thank you so much for your all photography tips…… ????????????

  3. completelystupid87

    He's just amazing.

  4. how much post processing do you do?

  5. LightRain Images

    Great ideas, especially to keep things moving. Shooting a wedding tomorrow at the Royal Palms in Phoenix, Arizona.

  6. Thank You very much Joe..very inspiring.

  7. what about if they don't know each other ???????? and wants me to tell them what should do

  8. You're brilliant at getting people to be comfortable! That is exactly how I try to shoot, like you, I am also very passionate about photography! Thanks!!

  9. asian girl and white guy again …

  10. OMG what great tips, things I have learned from this! wow.

  11. This guy is awesome…

  12. MusicAndOtherColors

    Thank you

  13. This is amazing! Fantastic advice which applies to much more than just weddings. Also… Just to add a little tip of my own: give the groom a random object and then get him to show it to the bride. The shots you'll get will be fantastic.

  14. Great Ideas!

  15. Eleanor Goldsmith

    Wondering what focusing technique Joe uses…he obviously doesn't use focus re-compose…and he always shoots continuous mode…I'm always worried about getting sharp focus on portrait shots

  16. Christian DeLaCruz

    Awesome tomorrow ill be shooting a wedding and this is good stuff

  17. I have a question, is this photo session he is demosntrating, pre ceremony in the church or is it at the reception? Because I would think if its at reception he has allready seen the dress right? Or does she change dress between ceremony and reception? Sorry for seeming stupid but this is in America I live in NOrway and allso I have NEVER been in a wedding before :P

  18. Thanks Joe!! Adorable couple too! :)

  19. That's great 

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