First Look Review Olympus E620 compact DSLR

First Look Review Olympus E620 compact DSLR



  1. curtismichael14

    40d=oldest camera in the world

  2. Well, now we know what zooming means, thanks cameraman!:D, Nice camera though, very clever from olympus to stop with : the Megapixel war" 12.3 is enough!

  3. the cameraman seems a bit oversmart…knows nothing abt cameras…doesnt know whch models to be compared??

  4. The zuiko lenses are the key to olympus great photos. No other manufacturer can compete with zuikos. Except, zeiss, leica and such.


    i think the 620 has alot better IQ than alot of the semi pro camera's today just look up the portraits on pbase compared to the d300,50d,k20d,

    the 4/3's tech makes for amazing IQ
    skin tones look great and very sharp

  6. Wow. It has dials, buttons and knobs.

  7. AndreSpinolaLgs

    this was actually to answer "backfrompari"… but it didnt actually go there :S lol

  8. AndreSpinolaLgs

    how do u know its way better?… have u ever tried the e-620?!?!… humm i guess not…
    I have the oly E-510 and my friend has a alfa200… and they both seem to work in pair!!! they're both good cameras…. the e-620 is more aimed at the 500D D90 and alfa 350?….. please do mention things you dont actually really know…

  9. dun like it at all…canon eos40d is much much better…

  10. I have a sony a200, and its way better 🙂

  11. silverandcold1028

    i was gunna get an e30, but im glad this was announced. im getting this instead

  12. I'm happy with my Olympus Mju Stylus 12mpx

  13. Sorry but come on

  14. Nice camera. I could do with a new one 🙂

  15. seccond

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