First Look: Pentax K-S2

First Look: Pentax K-S2



  1. The Dead Immortal

    Since I'm not really familiar with Pentax cameras, to which Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Sony camera would the KS2 be equal to?

  2. i want to sell my 60d  to get this, but more in favor of the d5500 cause of the affordable prime lenses

  3. As a former Kx and current K30 owner this is a nice upgrade I might have to strongly consider. The articulated LCD is long overdue. I'm not such a current and tech guy so the 4k feature seems really specialized. I would like to see a much faster FPS movie capture framerate. Oh well, you can't have it all. The K-S2 ! Nice move Pentax (Ricoh)

  4. That button on the 1:18 mark is a "Pentax green button". It allows for instant automatic metering. Useful when using M lenses.

    Also it has little to do with the KS1. The KS1 is mirror less. 

  5. I am afraid that PENTAX must push much harder the specs if want to beat the Canon,Sony,Nikon,Samsung and the rest big names at the market. 20 MP is not enough, should be at least 77 MP, also must put 4 K Ultra HD movie recording at 30p and 60p,Large format sensor (4 times bigger than medium format), Processor PRIME 4 Quad, and the overall design and size to be like K30. Also the batteries must be 2*18650 li ion or CR123A rechergeable with optional solar charger. All that under 400$. Even can offer pocket LED flood light with 18650 batteries. Another thing than can make the PENTAX at the top instantly is if they offer brand new technology which allows the camera to print images on ordinary paper without ink or brand new type memory card lets say PTX card which can store 4 zetabytes of data and have read/write speed of 100 Tb/s all that at the size of SD or microSD card. In other words they must put models and products at the market with insane specs at 1/4 of the competition price so people to switch from Nikon and Canon to PENTAX. 

  6. nice camera

  7. I have many Pentax bodies- several old 35mm's, K10, K20, K5, K3, Q, and even 2 K-01's (hey they were dirt cheap at the end, and besides I grew to love mine). I skipped the K-S1 (was wondering what kind of pills Ricoh was on, lol), but THIS one is a slam dunk. Very fine little camera, will add it to my Pentax collection immediately.

  8. First Look: Pentax K-S2 – YouTube

  9. First Look: Pentax K-S2 – YouTube

  10. This isn't really the successor to the K-S1… it's a different camera, for different purposes and users. This is more of a K-50 successor.

  11. TeK “Th3xRaVeNx” RaVeN

    I would love to see a comparison later on with the Canon 750D vs K-S2

  12. Now, that camera looks way better than the KS-1 which was…….uuuuugggly

  13. The ' ' P O P U L A R ' ' Pentax KS1.

  14. Accurate and concise, a very nice presentation. 

  15. I think this is definitely a step up for Pentax, although they never offer a compelling reason for anyone to actually choose them over the competition.  But 1080p 30?  We are starting to get into the 4K era, but they don't even have 24 or 60 fps video capture?  They still need to up their game.  Pentax really needs to give people a reason to choose them over the more popular brands, and they can't do it just by adding funky color schemes or letting some "designer" (who knows nothing about ergonomics) come up with a design for a camera (K-01 reference here).  Also, it appears that the "18-55 zoom" actually has an "18-50mm" range…which is shorter than the general Canon/Nikon 18-55mm kit lenses, and also Sony's 16-50mm kit lens.  All this said, for a Pentax lover, this camera is interesting and it is probably worth an upgrade to this if your old Pentax is 5+ years old (or you have a lot of money to buy cameras more often).

  16. Please stop referencing on "the popular KS1"! It was a dreadfull product and it was popular for all the wrong reasons. 
    This camera is what the KS1 should have been from the very start!

  17. Error. The K-S1 does not have a tilting screen.

  18. ThePatriotMuckraker

    Beautiful, simply beautiful Ricoh. I can only imagine how nice the K-3 replacement will be. We probably will not see one for another year. Now that the FF is coming, oh man I am stoked at the stuff Ricoh is unleashing! Btw, the large "Pentax" name in the back is wonderful and not tacky. Love the carbon fiber and orange! Lens is great too.

  19. Looking forward to this camera! Will this compare to K3 in the learning part? I'm new to dsrl 

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