First DSLR! / Nikon D3300 Unboxing!

First DSLR! / Nikon D3300 Unboxing!

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  1. how is this nikon camera?what u recommend canin 700d or this d3300..

  2. ProRTubeYT // PRTYT

    I am planning to get this DSLR but if I got a different DSLR but with the same lens would it still be in the best quality?

  3. I like the D3300 but the Fixed screen is a deal breaker for One Man army youtubers.

  4. Hey man nice video and all but is it worth buying a refurbished camera? have you had any issues? im looking into buying this camera but its not cheap ahaha

  5. nice video check my channel if possible and reply :)

  6. What is ment by refurbished

  7. sandro amaghlobeli

    nikon d3300 or nikon d5200 ?

  8. Just ordered my first DSLR today too, same model D3300.  Ordered through Amazon and it will be shipped via the same distributor  (Beach Camera).  I share your excitement.  Also, this gives me some peace of mind about getting a manufacturer refurbished product.  Seems like new.  Nonetheless, even though I've ignored warranty paperwork on lots of things in the past, I will be filling out whatever comes with this camera. 

    Thanks for sharing your video.

  9. Everything Technology

    Started from duhhh bottom

  10. From where did u bought it?

  11. I have that camera too

  12. Carlos Hoecst Salii

    Pretty good deal! 😊

  13. Hey Paul!  I love your videos and I got the same camera for Christmas.  If possible, I'd love for you to email me at I have a few questions that have to do with how you do your videos.  I really appreciate the great content!

  14. How much did you get it for

  15. Hey Paul!

    Nice video, I have used a Nikon D3300 before and they are great! Keep up the good work.

  16. Congrats again Paul! Now get to making those videos! haha

  17. Congratulations ! Nice choice !

  18. Great job bro I remember when o got my first DSLR

  19. Haha, my sister got her first DSLR today too.

  20. I'm jealous lol. Nice pickup. 

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