Filming With a Nikon DSLR

Filming With a Nikon DSLR

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  1. Katherine Rosing

    Thanks! Very specific information about all the settings, and you explained why we would use certain settings very well. I agree music is very annoying, at first I didn't take the video seriously because of the music, but as soon as you started talking, I knew I could trust what you were saying.

  2. ronaldo da silva monteiro

    bem explicado…

  3. SteelBustingBiker

    Damn if I didn't learn more here using the video feature on my D7100. Going to give a try. Will get back. TY

  4. The Ultimate Weapon

    is nikon D3200 good for video recording if not than pls suggest me one in same price

  5. Canon has light balance how come nikon dont have?

  6. When I reduce or extend the shutter speed, the video gets blinking/flickering its jus awful…I think its just for screen but when i see outputs It still flickers…Please tell me how to stop It.

  7. Nice simple instructions. I still use a D-7000. I hope to upgrade this year.. i like the idea of shooting in N in picture control. and the head phones.. I hope to get a Tascam. audio mixer also. Thanks for the video.Keep up the good work and keeping it simple…

  8. I definitely thank you for this !!!
    I have Nikon D5200 though ! :)

  9. Tks, u help me a lot, but!!!! this Tuts… was filmed on a NIKON D7100 also? or another Camera? i mean the tuts itself i was watching…

  10. TheBorgCollective

    are those ears of yours real? they look enormous

  11. DSLR not DLSR. :D

  12. Very good video. i just have a question, how can I do to record more than 20 min?

  13. Is it possible to change the aperture in live view without to restart live view?

  14. Plant-Based Cyclist (Ian Cramer)

    One of my problems shooting with a Nikon D5000 is that it doesn't autofocus and the video is very grainy. Will this be a problem with this camera?

  15. really awesome
    thank you for making this tutorial
    hoping that you may do more tutorial to enhance filming

  16. Strange, when setting Manual M mode I get a black LCD in Movie live view. For the other modes I get a live view. What could be the problem?

  17. This is very good – clear concise – perfect intro (You mispoke, however, near the end when you were talking about the video destination card: you said "press the info button" when you should have said "press the i button") minor mistake. Thanks

  18. Great tutorial; thank you. Do you have a recommendation for an external mic?

  19. one time when I shot video it saved it in jpg mode then another time it saved it in mov mode how do i change in between them?

  20. grilledchickenwrap

    sweet.. very informative.. thank you

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