Event Photography Tips: Dances

Event Photography Tips: Dances

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  1. Hey I was just wondering what your settings were while shooting dancing photos? I just got a 5d Mark iii and my movement photos are coming a little blurry.

  2. Q: what carry solution u use during the event to keep all that gear on u? thx! :]

  3. Can you give us the link where you purchase the dual-strap o it's brand name??? pls

  4. Evan Paglinawan

    Hi, very informative i must say. On those events, what ISO you usually set? And to create an above shot do you bring a small step ladder with you? Many thanks,

  5. Holman Mesa (Tecnoguía)

    Can you give us the link where you purchase the dual-strap o it's brand name???

  6. it's a great video man. I am getting g that dual strap cause I work long music festival in the E.U. and my back would be destroyed

  7. Thanks for this sir 🙂
    what is your camera settings and using also the flash? do i need diffuser? i only have yongnuo 560.
    thank you sir hope you can help 🙂
    begiiner here and new subscriber :D

  8. Sheen Mullegama

    Are those edited photos?

  9. which aperture(s) have you used in those photos?

  10. Those photos are pretty cool! Thanks for sharing these tips 👍

  11. 3:42 Macklemore

  12. What is the normal settings you use?

  13. Is there any reason why you aren't closing the aperture a bit, or rearranging the standing position in those photos with 4 or 5 people? It looks like the people in the back are out of focus. Thanks

  14. what lens were you using at the 4:30 mark? there's a ton of CA on the guys white shirt. i want to make sure i stay away from that lens when im in the market to buy one. i made the mistake of buying the plastic fantastic

  15. thank you for this. havent seen an updated and USEFUL event photography video for years on here!!

  16. I feel like I can learn a lot from you, Thanks!

  17. Great videos! I'm torn between my canon gear and sony mirrorless. hahahaha. Canon has been so slow in coming out with new innovative gear. I'm still keeping both my canon and sony gear.

  18. MichaelandJoiinthemorning Joi

    what was the camera bag name again?

  19. Matthew R. Stover

    your photos looks fantastic! thanks for the tips

  20. The way I shoot : High ISO, camera on manual, flash on TTL, bouncing the flash (ceiling, walls). One shot with AF assist if very dark or Servo if enough light since the AF assist beam doesn't work on Servo.

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