Entry level vs Semi-Pro Canon DSLRs

Entry level vs Semi-Pro Canon DSLRs

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  1. 6:08 "A pentaprism viewfinder is a lot bigger and brighter than a pentaprism viewfinder." WTF xD

  2. Sebastián Guerrero Murcia

    i´d like to see a RAW image of each camera (on a tripod) to see the differences.

  3. guillermo lopez

    What camera or camorder did you for take this video?

  4. Love your review – practical, down to earth, clear, easy to understand – and you respected my time by not wasting it. Thank you!

  5. Prashant Saikia

    Hi. Thanks for that informative video. Which one would you recommend: Nikon D7100 vs Canon EOS 70D? What are their pros and cons?

  6. +ZY Productions Have you ever accidentally change your setting in the touchscreen while looking at the viewfinder at the 70d?

  7. From your video I clearly understood Semi-pro DSLRs are better than entry level. Which one you recommend between 700d vs 60d?

  8. Delicious Mantits

    Much appreciated, but what about IQ performance, I believe lenses to be more important than body, what are your thoughts on this?

  9. Junjun jr. Llauderes

    thanks a lot…

  10. Junjun jr. Llauderes

    So this means that it is not only on the camera issue but as well as on the lens? cause some says that in some fast lens the camera works just fine.

  11. Junjun jr. Llauderes

    thanks a lot…..anyway this only happens in fast lenses,,,and I don't know how to make micro adjustment.. and as what I have read when you do micro adjustment it is no permanent you have to adjust it when light conditions change…

  12. Junjun jr. Llauderes

    Good day as a 70D user have you ever encountered the unsharpness of of picture with an open wide f stop of 1.2-4 using the center focus point ? This is when you use it through view finder. But if using the center point at wide open f 1.2 – 4 using live view mode to take pictures it is sharp. this only happens when using the single center point focusing for taking pictures.

  13. Have you every heard of how many shutter actuations the 70D is good for?

  14. Rafreezopictures Md Rafif Abd Rahim

    Nice video mate!

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