DSLR vs Mirrorless – which is better?

DSLR vs Mirrorless – which is better?


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  1. John Paul Cabangis

    She is so pretty!

  2. Ιωάννης Τριανταφύλλου (jonh30files)

    what is she doing down there,just caching the cams or cam? ;p

  3. How does she withstand the cold lol

  4. Tom Louwell Basco

    dont talk to much

  5. Its almost 2016 we are going to need a follow up video for 2016 newest tech. sooon

  6. Q: is a SLT camera some kind of mirrorless ?

  7. was she the fox?

  8. Saint Barthélemy

    @ 6:10 "size difference"

  9. is that hong kong

  10. It only HAVE one lens ^^

  11. We've go two Asians with British accents acting like they're on the Gong Show.

  12. the lens on d3100 ???

  13. I like the millolless camela it looks gleat!!

  14. Lol so fobby 

  15. fullmetalshinichi1

    People who complain about their video style are here for the wrong reasons. When Im looking into buying a new camera I check around a lot online. There are many serious reviewers out there who will dryly explain the pros and cons of a given camera. But after all of that, I really do love photos and photo tech. Thats why I watch DRTV. Because they have the latest gear, and the show imo is funny. Its how I watch Top Gear. I will never buy, or be in the situation to choose between a ferrari and a lamborghini, but that wont keep me from watching and enjoying the show.

  16. DanDLion DanDMan


  17. 2015 im still watching this. come back kinki :(

  18. Although I do agree mirrorless cameras are a great option for many enthusiasts. As Kai says, he used the D3300 because its comparable, even the Sony A7II can't match up with the Canon EOS 1DX or the Nikon D4S

  19. she's cute

  20. Yeah having just watched several DRTV. I think the channel should cut out a lot of the humor that they are trying to do. It's just very forced and not very funny :/

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