DSLR vs Camcorder (4K vs 1080p) Comparison

DSLR vs Camcorder (4K vs 1080p) Comparison



  1. I am looking for a good camera for doing vlogs and YouTube videos. DSLR's are out of my price range so I found that Camcoders are a great option for good audio and fairly good picture. I am considering getting the Canon Vixia HF R700, it is a camcoder with great reviews.

  2. wrong. You must do a comparison of the same camera and lenses in fulldh vs 1080p!! not two diferent cameras

  3. Ministerio A Dios sea la Gloria Y Honra

    wow great I have the Canon xha1s videocamera can you make a review of this camera, and the differences between canonn XHa1S AND Sony HD professional video camera ? in other words i should sell my xha1s to get a Sony HD prosumer videocamera ?

  4. Ministerio A Dios sea la Gloria Y Honra

    sony hd prosumer videocamera

  5. Camera doesn't matter if you have awful lighting, bad lighting makes your videos look much worse than using a bad camera

  6. The camcorder certainly looks sharper. To me, the DSLR seems to over-saturate the colors while the camcorder looks more true to nature. "Ideal image" is more subjective than we like to believe–like food, we all have different "tastes". My vision favors less saturation and less contrast so what is appealing to me is probably borderline crap to someone else.

  7. Ministerio A Dios sea la Gloria Y Honra

    hi great video thanks for posting it, I will also like to ask you a question, what better image quality a xha1canon pro vodeocamera or a Sony pro videocamera ?

  8. I have the Panasonic vx870 camcorder and to tell the truth, for the price it's a fantastic little camera, and people who think the Cannon looks sharper need to seriously visit Specsavers.

  9. On this video the Panasonic look clearer and sharper. However, I use a canon 650 for video and am pretty impressed with the overall sharpness. Did you mention what lens you were using on the canon. That can make a difference.

  10. camcorder will never die out! its the best .

  11. Hi, Am the only one to think that It doesn't make sense that a videocamcorder shoots worst video than a still camera?… after all the IQ is all that matters, right?… I'm tired of being cheated buying camcorders, and also hearing people saying that they don't care abot video on a mirrorless, or advising me to buy a videocamera :(… Still photographer don't want video on their cameras, and videcamcorders have such a tiny sensors… this is crazy…
    Why are mirrorless cameras still not optimized to shoot video? Even the new A6300 from Sony, don't have a selfie screen nor inbody stabilization… :(

  12. Kenneth John Arenga

    70D is much better

  13. canon looks more natural.

  14. Answer is really simple at least to me when filming with out a camera guy/ girl.
    I own a Cannon DSLR and a few Digital cameras and two jvc quads. If I am filming something with out the help of a camera guy – do you really want to stop what your doing every 29 minutes or so and hit the record button??
    I plan on doing some Arborist videos in the short future from now and can't seem to get a family member wanting to shot the video, so I enlisted the help of jvc's which can shot continuous 4 to 5 hours straight video; while I like the picture quality of the connon better it shuts off 29 minutes. The jvcs do stop at 30 mins but auto restart by themselves

  15. Lukáš Helcl (LukyHell)

    Panasonic camcorders image is much softer and the color are flat, you can "repair" this in post, but then the rendering…it takes some time.
    The DSLR has much more vivid colors and greater depth of field, but i little more noise on the darker sports.
    Tough choice really.
    So maybe a Sony or the Canon XC 10. I don't know :)

  16. this video helped me out a lot… thnx for doing the video.
    i was thinking weather to get a camcorder or a dslr for my channel but i cant seem to be able to decide, the camcorder takes really sharp videos but the dslr seems to take better video of your face.
    idk if my issue explanation made sense.

  17. what camera do you use now? have you had an eye on any other camera you want to buy?

  18. Try mirror less cameras like Sony a6000 or a7ii series or Panasonic 4k cameras there much better than any DSLR and camcorders

  19. Canon is a winner in all shoot pant down.

  20. Due to YouTube compression and since you don't begin to use tools such as a resolution and colorimetry chart it really is not possible to compare things and it is not possible to show native 4K quality on YouTube anyway…

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