DSLR SLAYER – The Olympus OM-D E-M1

DSLR SLAYER – The Olympus OM-D E-M1



  1. Well Archieluxury give me a fucking review. Your fucking vid was a fucking waste of my fucking time so i just want to say fuck you and your fucking camera fucking review. P.S    Fuck you…….

  2. Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!

    yeah. sell away your old nikon cameras, mate. mirrorless is the king now. olympus is an awesome camera to any nikon shitty dslr for the price tag.

  3. fucking amazing
    , though am a cannon man my self

  4. Canon 7 d Mark 2… Archie, get that motherfucker! Don't mess with any of that Olympus shit. Canon/Nion is like Patek, Rolex… Olympus is like Breitling or Tag. It's shit. 

  5. The Sony A7 & A7Rs are the only full frame mirrorless cameras atm but cost £1k & £2k respectively, of which I have the latter. The Olympus is pretty good value at only £500.

  6. I just got Canon D70 you should check this out buddy!!

  7. look at the Sony fullframe instead…

  8. Archie that's a peasant camera!

  9. VancouverDualSport

    Canon is top

  10. It doesn't slay a Canon. Or a Nikon.

  11. CANON-  The ONLY name in cameras.

  12. I think you should concentrate, exercise some self control, and be happy with your Nikon equipment! If the divorce happens, your be paying child support. Your house will be sold, need to find another place to live. Start thinking ahead.

  13. Billy Ray Valentine


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