DSLR Comparisons: Canon 5D, Sony a350, Panasonic GH2

DSLR Comparisons: Canon 5D, Sony a350, Panasonic GH2



  1. @pbohush Well I just determined that its not the while clip thats out of phase, just the voice. The music is fine at the begining. Anyway just an FYI that I had a laptop webcam driver that was flipping the audio out of phase and an updated driver corrected it. Anything is possible. Back to playing with my new lens 🙂 100mm Canon Macro.

  2. @svtcontour That would be hard to do — the audio was recorded directly into the camcorder. There is some echo in the room though. Thanks for watching.

  3. Hmm I think the sound is out phase….

  4. TheMotiongallery

    Great info thanks for this video

  5. @shushko69 that's 29.97fps and 60fps 1080i, and 720p

  6. Yep you are correct. Most people refer to it as a DSLR (because of the interchangeable lenses) but it is a Hybrid. That difference is what allows the GH2 to effectively auto focus in live view for video. Try that in a reflexive mirror DSLR – it's unusable. –Arlene

  7. The GH2 also has anti-rolling-shutter functions, too 🙂

  8. @ArleneVideos the GH2 is not a DSLR, it's referred to as a Hybrid, SLT (for it's Translucent vs. Reflexive mirror — in fact it has no mirror) or EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens).

  9. correction – The GH2 shoots 1080i at 60fps and it also shoots 1080p at 24fps in cinema mode. It is also the best DSLR for video on the market! Here's a sample of the GH2 in 1080p at 24fps.
    Just type Renee Zonenshine in the YouTube search window and you'll see that the video resolution on the GH2 is awesome – better than the Canon T2i. Be sure to click on 1080p.
    BTW pbohush, I enjoyed your comparison of the three different sensors, especially with the tape measure. Best regards, Arlene

  10. @111nuthead Haha, I shot this with a Sony HD video camcorder, small chip 29.97fps. Have had it for a long time and it's just a great point and shoot camcorder. Thanks for watching!

  11. "It's not, obviously, recording the same number of megapixels as these other two are."

    The GH2, in fact, records more megapixels than the A350 (16MP vs. 14MP), but the pixels themselves are smaller. In other words, it has a much higher pixel density than the other two. This has some disadvantages due to the pixel pitch that are a tradeoff for that higher resolutions.

  12. @shushko69 I believe it also shoots 60i and a number of 720 framerates

  13. gh2 only shoots 1080i 24fps 🙂

  14. nex also has aps-c size, not four-third.

  15. You should try to use the viewfinder, they are so much better.

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