Drift Compass Camera Is an Action Camera Designed To Capture Your Whole Life

Drift Compass Camera Is an Action Camera Designed To Capture Your Whole Life

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For a while, there was a movement in “life logging” camera that you would wear throughout the day and capture your regular activities. The movement kind of died out because the cameras were generally pretty clunky and the footage usually looked bad, but Drift Innovation has revamped the concept and created the rather clever Compass camera.

The camera itself is a small square that’s vaguely shaped like a small stack of crackers. The front of the camera has a lens at the top, an indicator light at the bottom, and a touch-sensitive, gesture-enabled track pad in between. The camera captures 1080p video that can be live streamed to the world via built-in wireless. There’s also a time lapse mode for documenting longer journeys.

The camera is controlled by a rather robust app that can change camera settings, preview and review shots, and even share footage captured with the device to social media. The on-camera functions are handled by tracing gestures across the track pad.

The camera is small enough to clip to a lapel or a shirt collar, but it also comes with a lanyard so it can be worn around your neck. It’s not totally inconspicuous, but it’s pretty understated in its looks if you can look past the lighted button.

I actually have a production version of the Compass, so look for a review in the next week or so. The Compass costs just $129, so even if you’re only using it once in a while instead of trying to log your life, the cost of entry isn’t very high.

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