Documentary Photography: Tips & Advice by Daniel Milnor

Documentary Photography: Tips & Advice by Daniel Milnor

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  1. Michael Hartman

    Anybody know what camera's this fine gentleman was using? I don't recognize them. I also want to just into some street photography in urban areas and don't want to walk around with a camera that looks like it costs $3G. Not that his cameras didn't cost a pretty penny, they just aren't recognizable like a Canon or Nikon DSLR. Does that make sense?

  2. Michael Richter

    Amazing guy!

  3. Michael Marker Photography

    photography Tips and advice by Daniel Milnor. Some great advice here.

  4. non ho una forte emozione

  5. Thomas Pettersen

    GREAT interview!! Relevant questions and realy good answers! You can tell that Daniel is a guy thats knows what he talks about, but is also realy passionate about it!!

  6. Brittany Williams

    I really enjoyed this interview.

  7. beautiful photos

  8. This was a great interview !! Thanks for sharing Mark !!

  9. Brad Pitt.

  10. very helpful!

  11. great guy!

  12. Good afternoon! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My mate Francheska made some very incredible photos with their photography tutorials.

  13. this video helped me understand photography from the photographer's point of view, thumbs up!!

  14. I know another awesome documentary photographer! my mentor Lung Liu 🙂

  15. Advancing Your Photography

    @realitik thank you for your kind words, very happy to help

  16. Great interview and insights.

  17. Advancing Your Photography

    he is

  18. This was interesting, seems like a good guy:)

  19. Advancing Your Photography

    @HKMoo you're welcome

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