Darkroom Photography Techniques : How to Develop 35MM Film

Darkroom Photography Techniques : How to Develop 35MM Film

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  1. Donato DiCamillo

    Hi , Nice video do you have any videos on using flash with film cameras, or maybe helpful links to operating film cameras all together? Thanks, Donato

  2. I really like this video, made clear a lot.
    It's only weird to say: "share these darkroom techniques with your friends and family".

  3. So you use the tank instead of the trays am I right thinking that

  4. Alympik Entertainment

    What do you do next? How do you dry the negatives? What are the chemicals called? Are they expensive? I saw a less expensive plastic tank/ reel than the "Cadillac" used and assume that it will do similar job. I have 4 rolls of film I want to treat so I can feed the negatives into a 35mm digital converter.

  5. yeah that solves it thanks :3

  6. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    You open the film reel to get the film out. When you put the film on a reel, it is separated from the rest of the film allowing the chemistry to do its job. If all the film sticks together…you will get a big mess of nothing. If any part of a roll of film sticks to another part, the developer cannot work. Understand?

  7. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    Kandi, You can certainly use a "changing bag" to load your film reels if you don't have a totally dark space to use. Be careful though so you don't damage the film in the process. You might leave the film wound around the spool until you've gotten to the end and then clip off the spool. Hope this answers your question.

  8. Can I use the same thing you showed here for developing with the tub stuffed into one those darkroom sleeve bags?

  9. I saw the process for the first time, One quick question .. why open the film reel? why not dip it directly in the chemicals ? we could come up ways to do that with out dark room .. and how to use Dodging and burning tools ??
    thanks for the video.. 🙂

  10. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    if you are referring to the release button, trust me I pushed it!

  11. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    I understand, but it had to be done!

  12. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    Hi Sebastijan, I've sold all my 35mm equipment but I am hanging onto a Hasselblad and an 8×10. My darkroom stuff is all stored at the moment but I dream of having a darkroom again. I let go of the enlarger in December when we sold our studio.

  13. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    There was some editing FireCrotch, but I agitated for 30 seconds, then let it rest for 30 seconds and agitated again until the time was up.

  14. FlamingFireCrotch666

    That's a lot of agitating

  15. Sebastijan APAČNIK

    I come from Slovenia. I work with the black and white photo. I have a question about photo equipment. I am interested in the price of analog devices such as the Nikon F3 or how powerful telephoto lens and would be procured through you, where would you indicated at the expense of money and you then send me coffee, lens … What about you? Still develop black and white pictures? You may sell any of the equipment? Thanks for the reply and best regards from Slovenia, Sebastian

  16. Sebastijan APAČNIK

    hello, i lov film

  17. Good way to break your poor little film or take up reel :'(

  18. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    In developing in a small tank, agitate every 30 seconds, then a little rap on the bottom to dislodge any air bubbles. To agitate stop bath, do it gently the entire time, and for fix, agitate every minute or so.

  19. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    Farenheit. I think it's 20 degrees C.

  20. Deborah Gray Mitchell

    Nope it was a Nikon F3. Oldie but goldie!

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