creative photography – portrait tutorial

creative photography – portrait tutorial

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  1. martin gonzalez

    Is the 85mm f1.8 sharper then the 35mm f1.8?

  2. Great pics, loved them, always learning from the great masters!

  3. O my God! That is awesome……. Please explain lighting part more in a dedicated video!

  4. thnks fr video it is just awsm i want to ask a question how too click a pic of person in really low light with blured background lights…

  5. Hello , did the pictures you took in the video is SOOC or post-process coz they are amazing . Thankyou .

  6. Amazing videos! Thank you guys for sharing them.

  7. Thank you so much sir! 😀
    Learnt some good stuff!
    Everything was so beautiful!!! :)

  8. thank you so much peter

  9. Charlotte Cullen

    Great Video & Great Teacher! Thanks !

  10. Useful video, thanks!
    Custom Portrait from photo? visit me on Etsy:)

  11. hi, my name is Narender singh and i m a dslr beginner. i have a problem that when i take photo in RAW format then the size of the image become near 20 MB. When i edit it by using Photoshop and save as in JPEG format then the size of the image reduce to 8 to 9 MB and i m saving the image in Photoshop at high quality. but 8 MB is a very large size for any image because i see many of the images of 1 or 2 MB these are more clear and sharper then my image. so my problem is that my file size is too high and quality is very low even these are 8MB files on the other hand some other pictures which i saw there are 2 mb in size and having high quality. so please uplode a video how to edit RAW file with minimum file size and higher the quality, my email is send me the link of video, thanks

  12. Hi!! I currently own a D5100 and would like to know whether and how much the sync speed matters when using an off camera flash? So basically my question is since Nikon D5100 has a sync speed of 1/200s won't it create over-exposed images when used with an off camera flash especially outdoors?

  13. you are a good man, david.

  14. great tips ,it helps me alot . thanks

  15. Arent 50mm better then 85mm on a crop camera for portraits ? Since 85*1,6 are around 140mm where the 50*1,6 is around 80. 140 is to much distance between the model and the photographer imo.

  16. I have this exact camera and lens, so this tutorial was super helpful to me. :)

  17. Beautiful work, the model helped alot doe :)

  18. this video helped me, has a friend who never had a portrait of her family and watching this as a novice photographer really helped me thank you

  19. Excellent stuff thanks.

  20. Thank you. I loved how you explained each features with examples at the beginning. It allows an amature hobbiest like me to figure out how to start correcting myself more effectively.

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