Connecting a Nikon DSLR Camera to a Telescope

Connecting a Nikon DSLR Camera to a Telescope

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  1. You sound like jessie ventura.

  2. dam son you unscrewed that thing fast :)

  3. Very helpful….

  4. Problem is, not all scopes have threads.

  5. Hey, 

    nice video. Gonna ask you about t-ring. It will be enough if I order only t-ring? You know I mean DSLR+T-RING+DOBSONIAN (without t-adapter and stuff). Thanks

  6. wilford brimley

  7. What an exceptional video! Simple, easy to understand and informational !!! Thank you. 

  8. which are the most cheap and good nikon & canon cameras??can you tell me??

  9. That's so cool!!!!

  10. thats beautiful man

  11. My cheap Nikon Coolpix P500 with Optical 32X zoom can get clear crisp moon pictures.

  12. I am very impressed!!  Some very nice pics without all the fancy stacking programs and average working man's priced telescope. Usually you see videos of people with $15000 telescopes and time exposures of 10 s of hours.  You have inspired me.  Thanks,

  13. Hi !Awesome video! What do you think of celestron astromaster 76eq as a 1st amateur telescope for my son?I own Nikon D750 do you think I would be able to connect my camera with celestron astromaster 76eq ? I will appreciate your feedback!Thank you!

  14. I was looking all over ebay and amazon for that adapter, do you have any info that may help me and my quest?

  15. sir can I use microscopic eyepiece for astronomy.
    if yes, seller providing me of 10x, 20x, 40x, and 50x eyepiece.
    my objective lens is 4 inch dia.
    which one should I go for. reply please.

  16. Very clear explanation,I will try it with my Nikon D3100.

  17. You sound like Jesse Ventura 😀 great video 

  18. Love the editing!  Thanks for taking the time to save us the time.

  19. If you fit the threaded 1.25" adapter that you removed from the focuser directly into the t-adapter, missing out the entire eyepiece projection assembly, you should be able to get the sensor close enough to achieve prime focus. With no glass in the optical train you get zero chromatic aberration and a nice wide field view.

  20. Reza AlFajri ar-Rasyid


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