Color Drop & Pour Photography Technique

Color Drop & Pour Photography Technique

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  1. hi .
    the glycerin,was it in water or in footcolor?
    and that was the mixing ratio?

  2. 1/300 is insufficient for these shots. Splashes and drops above the surface usually need 1/2000-1/5000, but considering these are below surface shots in which the water slows the motion, maybe 1/1000 will work. The blur is quite noticeable even at youtube resolution. Still, got some good ideas from the video, thanks.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial

  4. Auður Helena Hinriksdóttir

    Thank you.

  5. many thank's a good tutorial

  6. Slanted Judgment Productions

    I just made a Video of the same effect.    YOUTUBE – Dancing Cubes of Color

  7. Very nice photography. Personal view would be to end the video on a simple background or spend some time learning to key, grade and composite background.

  8. What if you don't use the flash, just the strobe?  

  9. Do change the water in eache photo ??

  10. tehnik yang sangat mudah dan simpel, good idea

  11. What's with the porno-type music?? :/

  12. OMG its simply supeb..

  13. And I'm not sure what he's talking about with his shutter speed . All slr cameras sync at 250th and below . You need a leaf in the lens to sync at 320 and even then it doesn't matter cause your flash duration is stopping the motion not the shutter. The Internet is great but this is garbage…

  14. Soooo … There are so meant things wrong with this tutorial it's not even funny . First of all using spedotron to freeze motion is like street racing in a old bug . He should just use something like a cheap speed lite at 1/4 power . What's that you say ? Not enough power in a speed lite … Well yeah not when you are shooting at f25. For all of you out there YOU SHOULD NEVER SHOOT ABOVE F16!!! Not unless you are shooting Schneider lenses on an 8×10 camera which we both know you are not. M

  15. you would happen to be able to draw a diagram of your setup?

  16. TruthAndMoreTruth

    I would have used a cable release to fire the camera.
    Is there a reason for the very short focal length vs. moving the camera back and using a slightly longer lens?

  17. I hope you are an instructor somewhere because you'd be great.

  18. Cameron Feinstein

    "hello, I'm standing in front of a green screen to appear as if I have money…"

  19. The flash sound Awesome!! what is this flash ?

  20. Totally green screen!

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