Cinematic Look: Nikon D5100 (DSLR Film Look)

Cinematic Look: Nikon D5100 (DSLR Film Look)

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  1. are these built in effects?

  2. 00:0000:03 I want tutorial for this letters effect please or how it's named this effect?

  3. hello greetings from Philippines, i just want to know the right video settings of nikon D5100 … what metering mode did you use, is the auto ISO is on? do you lock the exposure?… pls have a tutorial on how to set the D5100 correctly … Danke

  4. plz do a tutorial on how to get that Cinematic Look 

  5. which software did you use for making this film ? THANKS  

  6. Nika Grdzelishvili

    WOW! love this !!k

  7. It's great! 😀

  8. Hi! i just posted a test of my own custom film look with my Nikon D3200. i was looking for some thoughts on it. if you guys could visit my channel, give it a look, and tell me what you think, i would really appreciate it!

  9. What editing software did you use ?

  10. Nice work thanks for sharing

  11. canon 50d with raw hack, try it.

  12. TheBroknPezDispenser

    Seems Legit.

  13. JPittsProductions

    shootz, bro. No worries. I'm not a professional or anything, and I'm not sure what your experience level is with videography, but all I know is that, we all must start somewhere. If you are in school for videographer or whatever, stick with it….it does get expensive and difficult at times, but your hardwork will PAY OFF!! Feel free to subscribe to my channel and I will do the same. Let me know what project you have in the works….

  14. Thanks for all help!

  15. JPittsProductions

    Yes, Carl…..from what I know about the 'cinematic' look is that you must make sure that you are shooting in the proper settings for the 'cinematic' feel. I shoot 1920×1080 30fps. Also the cinematic look can be achieved in POST. When you are actually at your workstation, editing and cutting scenes, etc. etc. Adobe Premiere, with the right plugins, will give you that cinematic look. If you can search for Red Giant plugins, BorisFX, NewBluFX, and there's more out there…..just dig for em.

  16. Okey, thx! But is it right lens for filming trampoline/skiing, and works too for cinematic filmning?

  17. JPittsProductions

    To answer your question about lens, a Nikon 35mm F/1.8g AF-S DX Lens would be great! I got my prime lens a couple of weeks ago and the versatility of this lens will produce great results. Check out ,only 200.00…..twice as better than the stock lenses that comes with the D5100. Check out my video test….(I will put as video response)

  18. yes I wonder too, witch lens is recomended?

  19. I'm looking into getting a dslr and want my filming to look like this, do I have to have a special lens

  20. this is amazing

  21. Was researching for some time before finding your post. Keep up the nice writing.

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