CES 2017: Kodak Is Bringing Back Ektachrome Slide Film

CES 2017: Kodak Is Bringing Back Ektachrome Slide Film

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Writing about film in 2016 and 2017 usually means another stock has been discontinued, but today we have some good news for a change. Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome slide film for filmmakers and photographers.

Ektachrome was popular with cinematographers until it was discontinued back in 2012, but it will be hitting store shelves again in 35mm stock starting in Q4 of 2017. Ektachrome is a reversal film, which means it produces positive-color slides instead of negatives. Oddly enough, this is actually the only non-negative film in the Kodak portfolio at the moment.

It’s a classic film and, while I personally prefer negative film because I find the exposure to be much more forgiving, I’ll definitely be grabbing a few rolls to shoot when it becomes available.

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