Canon XC10, Panasonic 20MP smartphone, Taxes, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast episode #23

Canon XC10, Panasonic 20MP smartphone, Taxes, and more: DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast episode #23



  1. Thanks for talking about the 840EVO fix.  Will this fix work for Macs?!  I bought an 840EVO for a MacbookPro before I knew about the issue and have waited to install the HD.  Am I safe?  Thanks!

  2. So if you clip over 20,000 only?

  3. Weird ideas and methods to deal with the IRS situation. Since you collected money and I am guessing turned it over to someone else? I think you have some options open to you. You said they were a charity. You get a receipt for charitable donations, the money you collected for them, then it is a wash. I would definitely employee a tax accountant for the audit, and if there is any good news about the accountant their fee will be tax deductible in the year of the audit. The situation is weird because you didn't keep the money it was used for the event. So even if they were not a charity you could itemize all the expenses and effectively go negative on money earned and the IRS would owe you. I am fairly sure film companies bankrupt films productions at the end to avoid lawsuits for the films creation, may be an urban myth. Good luck on the audit, crosses fingers since I mentioned them they don't come after me, heheh cough crap I laughed they don't like humor.

  4. I would love to hear your backup strategy. 

  5. Maxim mee

    Then where is the interchangeable lens mount
    Or do pro's not change lenses for creative work?

    Where is the XLR input?
    Journalists need good audio!

    brilliant for run and gun photography?
    Come on it doesn't even shoot in raw. Sensor is small and the lens is dim
    It's pretty much worse then a decent compact you can buy for a quarter of it's price

  6. hahaha
    Interesting discussion about plastic ( ABS ) in lens.
    Have you guys pick up an old fashion manual film lens? Just try the 50mm and see how MUCH heavier it is compared to modern lens.

  7. xc10 is absolutely brilliant for run and gun video and photography.
    Its NOT consumer focused but journalist focused.
    Wedding videographers will find it really useful cause they can easily double up as photographer.

  8. Sorry to hear about the IRS being jerks. Keep your chin up!

  9. Is this live? Plz answer

  10. Filmnoob, thanks for the 3d printed ZoomH1 stabiliser!

  11. Hi all

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