Canon vs. Nikon: Why I want to switch to Nikon, but can’t fully

Canon vs. Nikon: Why I want to switch to Nikon, but can’t fully

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  1. well explained

  2. Sounds like Canon won out over all… I have them both Canon is hard to beat…

  3. One thing bugged me… He said that Nikon doesn't have a 200mm F/2.8 prime, and so dismissed this. No Nikon doesn't have a 200mm F/2.8 prime, but they do have **.TWO ** 200mm F/2.0 primes! Kinda lost me from that point on… Sorry my friend.  
    I also went through this same battle over a 2 year period with a photo graphy mentor pushing me heavily towards the Canon camp. I am SO happy I stuck with Nikon, it just does things that the Canon wishes it could do, but never will, and my photography benefits from exactly the areas that the anikon is better cecause that is where most of my photography happens. :)


    I understand that the SB600 SPEEDLIGHT has HSS capabilities however can only achieve it once it on the camera's hotshoe as you have to do it from the in camera menu setting. But what I want to know is if when that FP sign pops up on your flash screen and u take a couple of shots but want to remove the flash off camera and still operate in HSS mode will it be possible or it will have to stay on top of the camera for it to work?

  5. Nikon uses Sony censor!


    Tony, It's a great video comparing Nikon and Canon systems. It is really help me to decide which one I should go for.

  7. are you asian? just askin'

  8. Hi this is probably the best comparison I seen. I prefer Nikon bodies but the 70-200mm breakdown was a deal breaker for me. Sigma has one of these for nikon also. Is there a reason you didn't mention it for Nikon?

  9. What about Fashion, Catalogue Shoot , Product Photography ? please! What do you suggest?

  10. Hi Tony, whats ur view for nikon D610 vs Canon 6D in particular..?

  11. Great perspective Tony. Thanks!

  12. Roman Builtofstone

    why do you show really expensive lenses..
    i mean what are some cases of value for money cheap lenses?

  13. thank god at least he says "Nikon" correctly. i cannot listen to British ppl say "Nikon"

  14. Nitesh Tripathi

    so canon pulls 20 out of its 24 MP(83.33%) and the nikon pulls 24 out of its 36 MP(66.67%) on a given lens…seems canon is the one going the right way!

  15. Pentax…?

  16. My girlfriend and I were wondering why you don't use an 85mm for your portraits? Why do you insist on using the 70-200mm?

  17. hellosir what about sony alpha camera and is higher iso is good for photography??

  18. Could you please test it with the 80-200mm f2.8 AF-S Version xDDD

  19. Actually Nikon has a unique remote control flash system, They can use built-in flash or other high end flashs to trigger other flashs who can support the Nikon Creation Flash SYSTEM.

  20. I love Nikon and I've been sticking to it for a while now. I love the lenses and to me it's really their strong point, also of course the sharpness versus the Canon

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