Canon vs Nikon – Which is Better?

Canon vs Nikon – Which is Better?

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  1. Olympus E1 beats the lot.

  2. Mongoose Motovlog

    Been using Canon my whole life. Had a point/shoot 35mm as a teen, then the Rebel 35mm, Xti, T1i, T2i, T3i, and now the T5i. I have one friend with a Nikon D7000. Sometimes we switch on a shoot just to compare and he regrets getting a Nikon now.

  3. Shoestring Production Company

    Are you a Canon or Nikon person?


  4. lm looking to buy a real good camera just don't know which one to buy

  5. which is best camera nikon d810 nikon or 5d mark3  in fuction  and fashion photrography

  6. I would like to buy an entry level DSLR. These are the following models which I have shortlisted.

    Canon 100D (Rebel SL1)
    Nikon D3300
    Nikon D5300
    Nikon D5500
    Sony A6000

    Could you please suggest which one should I go for. My primary concern is image quality, fast accurate AF in live view, user interface, etc. I am mostly into landscape, architecture and wedding photography.

    Thank you,


  7. thanks for this video , for me i respect nikon but i prefer canon because its more easy to use in everything firmwear, av on live view . magiclantern .the simple menu . and the lenses its more on canon side and even other companies provide more lenses for canon , i have 6d and 70d i love use them both for video and stills . also some lenses the kit 18-55 stm . canon 50mm f1.4 ,,, 24-105 f4 ,, rokinon 14mm f2.8 ,,tamron 70-200 f 2.8

  8. canon  best

  9. Canon

  10. Is there any camera thats good for video and photography? 

  11. I think it doesn't matter what brand to get. Buyers should look at the specs instead and see if it fits their needs.

  12. hea a canon fan 

  13. Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!

    You all wrong. Sony is the best right now. Just look at their Sony A7 series. It's kickin ass and taking names

  14. Nikon menus are weird. And that little "o" used for Zero drives me crazy, I just don't get why 1/6o instead of 1/60, I always think I am looking at the symbol for degrees, I guess you get used to it after a while.

  15. SLR are old technology. last time camera were range finder and the view is not accurate. So the SLR were born. Now came the mirror less. which is the most advance. Those who go to SLR because their already have many lens. with mirror less you see the effect before pressing the shutter. Don't it look silly to have a mirror
    flipping up and down in your camera, thus creating mirror bounce noise. You have to replace the cushion of the mirror every few years. The mirror may sometime get stuck.

  16. The D810 is the King of DSLR at the moment, beating all competition as far as Dynamic Range, Depth of Color, and Sharpness goes.

    I do not care about the rest.

    PS: The King of ISO though is among Sony ;)

  17. Hi…. I want to know which DSLR camera is best for beginners… Can you give me some suggestions?………

  18. Nandana Balasooriya

  19. I want to look into buying my first dslr camera. I want something that's going to take gd pictures and video. What would u recommend? 

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