Canon T6 vs Nikon D3300 – Which is the best beginner DSLR?

Canon T6 vs Nikon D3300 – Which is the best beginner DSLR?

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  1. I was looking for my 1st camera still don't know whether to go for mirrorless or dslr…. But thanks for info

  2. The D3300 does have wifi, but you have to add the Wu-1A adapter

  3. which one do you prefer for a fashion blogger ?

  4. Steven Gutierrez

    What camera would you recommend for outdoor photography?

  5. Thanks for the excellent comparison review. I'm still trying to make a decision between them. My budget is landing me on one of these two cameras so I can get into real estate photography. I'm using a Canon G12 which leaves a lot to be desired. One of these DSLR cameras will definitely allow me to be able to install a wide angle lens in the future and really improve my shots. Thanks for taking the time to post videos that really help people!

  6. So I like the idea of having a mic, but how long will the battery last if I am constantly filming with the Nikon as apposed to just taking photos

  7. Nikon d3300 cheapest and more on highlights!

  8. which one?

  9. How much better is the T6 LCD when shooting in daylight?

  10. Landry Sibomana

    I owned a D3300 for a year and It's just a wonderful camera for anyone getting stated (still have mine) @Chris Winter : It's worth mentionning as well that the D3300 has an integrated guide to teach you the basics which is quite useful for a beginer. Speaking about battery life , the D3300 can easily give you 700 shots on a single charge.

  11. It seems a good advice, thank you! I made my decision.

  12. Abhinav Reva Sharma

    for video 1300d or d3300 please help… urgent

  13. I am starting a YouTube channel and need a good camera to record with and record videos such as IRL football and gaming which of the two would u go for??

  14. I've been watching your channel for a while now on my main channel this is a second account I've subscribed. Thanks for the info I've always wanted to get a dslr but I don't know where to start this video does help. I was thinking either the t6i, t5i or the t6 maybe I should start with the Nikon D33300 seeing as I am a beginner and if I get a good feel and knowledge of the camera I'll upgrade if I feel I need to. Also I've always thought you were Australian lol. Thanks Chris!

  15. Thanks man,one subbed ,i like how u explained everything,that helped me ,thnkx

  16. The camera, resistant to fall?

  17. thx bro! im going for canon 1300d/rebel t6

  18. i subbed for the content, but i know i'd never win a camera. :(

  19. Thank you so much for doing this.

  20. what do u think about nikon d5300

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