Canon Rebel T6i & T6S (750D & 760D) Hands-On Field Test

Canon Rebel T6i & T6S (750D & 760D) Hands-On Field Test

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  1. Hi thecamerastore guys! Thank you for the video! I'm looking for a affordable camera and obviously lenses. I LOVE mirorless! Best technology! But also the lenses is a important theme to considered too. I am looking for, and find more affordable canon lenses. But I find the E m5 yesterday and is a nice camera. And the lenses have good price and quality but I would like to know what do you think about this them can you made a video or post a comment about this theme? I need a good camera and lenses but I don't have a lot of money. And also I now the good lenses are not sheap. But also now that you have a lot of experience in camera and prices! Thank's! 

  2. Strange but inviting looking town. Which town is it?

  3. My Name Is Condor

    If you ask me, the biggest advantage of a DSLR in the future will be the OVF experience. If they (Canon, Nikon, etc..) would make bigger and better (pentaprism) viewfinders in their entry level DSLRs, they will have an advantage over mirrorless that will not fade away in the near future.

  4. Meu deus porque tem que ser inglês? ?AFFF NINGUÉM MERECE

  5. Its funny that he says 60fps only is 720p is disappointing when his video is in 720p

  6. I have the 550D (Rebel T2i) and I'm still quite happy with it. However, I wouldn't upgrade to any of the more recent Rebels, I'm actually looking to buy… you've guessed it, a Sony A6000. Mirrorless has to be the future and at its current mark-down price the Sony is unbeatable.

  7. one of these or Nikon D5500? which is better?

  8. So familiar with the Canon DSLR camera better than the bulky powershot camera!!

  9. Wow that's a nice DSLR camera that shoots amazing images but I wish I had this camera. I hope that I get the Canon T6s that the camera that I want!!

    I planning to get my hands on the Canon T6s soon!!

  10. Man i want some suggestions i am a beginner and i wana buy a nice camera body under 800 hundred dollars with touch screen but i am confused what to buy?i want good image quality and whole good package please suggest me something!?

  11. I've been looking to buy my first dslr and I have no idea what to get . I've heard great things about the nikon d5500 and the canon t6s. I want to be able to take stills and some video from time to time. can anyone help me out ?

  12. Throw it way and buy a6000.

  13. HowToDoStuffWatchHre

    Great video. I also watched your video on the Nikon D5500 and the Sony a6000. Interesting point for the Sony that they didn't include a port for a microphone & you can only use their external mics. I'm looking for a new camera for YT videos. A lot of women have had the Canon Ti series and like it for fashion/beauty/etc videos. So many decisions to make and so little time!

  14. i really enjoyed the video and recently purchased the t6i. What was used to record the audio in this video? i found it to be excellent, clear and crisp.

  15. Do any of these cameras come with editing software like Final Cut Pro?

  16. hi, how long will the battery last when shooting Full HD video?

  17. hi! how long will the battery last when shooting videos?

  18. I enjoy all of your videos, you do quality work that's appealing. About the camera: I prefer the bigger bodies, other brands feel toyish. Even though I like the Nikon's at this price point I can't believe that you can't change the aperture in video mode on the Nikon's, even on their more expensive models and that to me is crazy.

  19. María José Acero

    hi! im student of journalism and i'm considering buying a camera, i've seen a lot of videos and i cant decide, i cant find the perfect one yet 🙁 because i need a camara good on video because of my career and i also love photography, as a hobby, so i need something not too big, excellent video settings and good photo, (and not so expensive) 🙁 haha heeelp me

  20. I want to buy a camera
    I have two options canon 750D and Sony A6000
    which one is better ?

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