Canon Rebel T5i Review: High Value Entry Level DSLR

Canon Rebel T5i Review: High Value Entry Level DSLR

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  1. very cool I just sold my 550D and I can buy 700D, btw whats the next level up to 700D? thanks

  2. Does this have a jack for a headphone and a jack for an external mic?

  3. meeeeeehhhh review….

  4. Debating between the Powershot SX60 and the Rebel T5i. I know they are very different cameras. I am a beginner but I would like to advance in taking different photos. I work from home as a fitness coach / marketer and I do a lot of video trainings on YouTube and self photos. I also will use the camera for personal use. I like the SX60 because of the zoom and easy transfer of pictures to smartphone via wifi for social media posts but I like the creativity the T5i give you also. A friend said the SX60 may not function well in low light compared to the T5i. Just wondering if you can highly recommend one over the other? I really like the wifi feature of the Powershot. It is hard to pass up. My max budget would be about $700. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  5. Which would be better? T3i or T5i?

  6. did you shoot this video with the t5i? thanks for the review! 

  7. great review, well said! I just picked my t5i up and i love it!

  8. Thank you! Finally a review I completely understand

  9. I want to use this camera for makeup videos does the auto focus make sound? I know the mic would pick up on it! 

  10. Cool im getting a 5d miii!

  11. PENTAX K-30 way better camera!or buy canon if you want an ungly camera with flip-touch screen

  12. Nice review, but in my honest opinion there has been no huge difference in the Rebel series since the T2i. Save money, buy a T2i, T3i or T4i.

  13. itsrainingshadows

    I just bought a canon t3i dslr. Im just getting into photography so I hope to capture some great pictures with it

  14. Nice video as always Michelle.
    Can you make a similar video about the Canon SL1 (100D). I am a part time photographer and I bought a 100D body as a backup to my 40D. I LOVE it. It is tiny and very light. Touch screen is a delight to use, and (with my proper lenses) it has excellent image quality.
    The only complaint I have is that the auto focus is not as fast as the 40D. But the low price and weight/size make it a perfect second body.

  15. i thought it was 18 megapixels?

  16. Nice camera. If you like better video options you can also take a look on the panasonic G6 in this price range.

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