Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera: Focus with Precision

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera: Focus with Precision

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  1. Really hate it when I get a camera, and something comes out that's better  6 months later… stinks

  2. this video is just horrible…

  3. How much does this cost ?

  4. Adalet Skopljak

    CanonUSA always using the Gold Coast as the location in their image device advertisements. Great to see where i live in international advertisements.

  5. Rodrigo Bacigalupe

    please answer this: WHY NO 4K??? WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!??????????????

  6. # Преступники на Диете

    why still the AA filter? why no 4k? canon, you are complacent.

  7. I like this camera but it's too heavy for me. But I still want HDR mode for stills. Rebels only have HDR in creative mode without exposure compensation and without control over shutter or aperture.
    I really hope Canon brings HDR mode to Rebels, combining bracketed HDR images in post in software is cumbersome, and not very fun. Many smartphones have this feature through apps, Rebels do not.

  8. Nice Camera… :)

  9. hey canon let me direct you're product advertisement..
    that being said, very exited for late March

  10. 45 auto focus points wow! love it!

  11. Dawntel Norwood (Lost Boys Film)

    Any other filmmakers getting this?

  12. I need this! how much does it cost?

  13. Jacobo Castro Cristo

    This is a 2002 video there must be some kind of mistake.
    I'm regretting investing so much in canon lenses and cameras, it seems like they are not going to catch up. the industrial designers at canon are doing it wrong, the marketing department is really doing it wrong (poorly made video add) and mostly the specs and innovation of this camera just sucks compared to any other camera manufacturer, if in 6 months canon does`t step up, this is the end, the reliable good DSLRs we all loved from canon are going to disappear.
    7d mk II fail
    t6i t6s fail
    t5i fail
    t4i fail
    5dr fail
    5ds fail
    I guess i`ll just have to save up for a new set of lenses and cameras.

  14. So you finally fixed the 70D focus problems? How about now replacing those 70D cameras that cant focus with wide exposure lens??

  15. Giuseppe Amodeo

    ISO? MAX?

  16. Can you give me for free ? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 now i want to cry, i really want one i don't even buy the old ones, i hate the money 😭😭💔💔 i want the 80D so bad 😢

  17. Sinking ship…

  18. canon ads always fail to impress…

  19. This video likely shot with an Arri Alexa.

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