Canon EOS 80D – Best Canon APS-C DSLR On The Market | Gear Review

Canon EOS 80D – Best Canon APS-C DSLR On The Market | Gear Review

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  1. Dr. Ebrahem Habibeh

    Does it keep the auto focus while on continuous shooting?

  2. Thank you for the great review .. Do you think 80D will match 6D in picture quality ? Thanks again

  3. Hey Joe-if moire is ever a concern with your personal video shooting, here is some VERY GOOD news for you:

    As for me, I don't shoot video, so I don't give the proverbial rat's ass, but I know you do. :)

  4. Peter Batchelor

    By the way, I would love to see your latest shots from Pebble Beach…Stills are more important to me than video.
    If/when they are online for public consumption, a link would be much appreciated.


  5. Peter Batchelor

    Hi Joe, I really appreciate your reply.
    I too am wanting to go with the 80d, as it is so much better ergonomically than the a6300. It's just image quality that gets me with Canon, though this new sensor is considerably better than the 70d for DR, of course.
    I have to say the Metabones 4 with the latest upddate worked flawlessly with my main Canon lenses, and one Tamron. I have read about the Sigma version…will look into it.
    I'm really can't make up my mind…actually I think I'll wait for the new Canon mirrorless (M4?) to come out.
    If it has a built in EVF I will give it serious consideration…as this is just about the only reason why I'm not going for the M3.
    Have you ever used The Imaging Resource website (which I find invaluable for judging image quality of the various cameras, presumably using kit lenses)? This site seems to show that the M3 images are on par with the 80d.

    Regarding the time-lapse videos, presumably you too have noticed a difference? I figured that it must have been something like what you suggested. And yes, it was this footage that has pulled me back towards the 80d, as I find it to be pretty darned sharp for a Canon. Mind you, maybe you sharpened the footage in Final Cut Pro?

    Many thanks once again for your fullsome review and reply,


  6. Peter Batchelor

    Thanks for your review, Joe… and very helpful it is too. I would however like to ask you why the time-lapse video extract you have included in this review (at the 12.55/13min mark) seems (to me) to be quite a bit sharper than the actual time-lapse video (from which you took the extracts)…that is: "Canon EOS 80D: Sample Time Lapse Video – Created In Camera | Vlog" that was linked to.
    Am I mistaken?
    I am looking to upgrade to the 80d, though I'm also looking seriously at the Sony a6300 with Metabones 4 adapter for my canon lenses..sharpness is important to me.

  7. Great review and great camera!I saw some of the video footage you shot with the 80D and it really looked fantastic!Im probably the only person who doesnt care to much about 4K!Keep up the great videos

  8. Great review, Joe. Just one thing you may wish to check… I have the 760D (getting the 80D soon) and it has the same metering system as the 80D. To have skin tones assist with focusing I seem to remember it being settable under a custom function. You might want to check that on the 80D and make sure it's turned on.

  9. pardon me if iam wrong but isnt the picture profil same as picture presets found in most canon dslrs including the rebel line where you can customize it by lowering the saturation and sharpness or ist completely diferent thing? excuse me if this sounds dum i am new to the whole video thing

  10. Nice review 👍

  11. Great practical review. You covered somethings others haven't. Amazing that you are the only one who has talked about the increased dynamic range, something that's very important. Also, the limitations of the 60p video recording is something I've not seen covered elsewhere.

  12. Nice review Joe. Thorough review bro. I've had mine for about 3 weeks now, and really love it.

  13. Joe's Photo & Video Channel

    Well after weeks of testing the new Canon EOS 80D camera out I have finally got to making my review of this new camera. While I am very happy with this product, like anything else on the market there are a few things I thought could have been improved. In this gear review I cover many of the features found in this digital camera that and give you my honest review on the Canon 80D.

    #canon #80d #review #photography #camera #dslr

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