Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera – Auto Focus Photography Tutorial – Canon

Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera – Auto Focus Photography Tutorial – Canon

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  1. Just entering to Photography and Film making,
    Those this camera will fit me?
    I'm fun in taking pictures to, but what I want to this is the touch screen and the auto focusing, when you press the object on the screen and it focus the object and blur the surroundings.
    Your the best!!!!!!

    P.S. I really love taking "picture" , Pls help me to decide and get the updated camera and give me extra pointers to it Tnx man.

  2. pong kobe balingit

    great tutorials…

  3. Which lens did u use ??…………..pls specify.

  4. i have had my camera [canon 70d for about six weeks and i am strugling to get good shots i have a canon 550d and get better shots with that i need to know why i am screwing up

  5. ‫مصطفى جويس‬‎

    خرب عمي

  6. Figured it out with no help of the manual which doesnt state that you cant use or alter the setting while in live view mode thats been doing my head in for ages

  7. Great for showing capabilities but crap for showing where the setting is cant seem to get it to change to servo mode doing my head in just seem to get the 4 af menu options    arggggghhhh
    does it need setting to jpg instead of raw to show the menu/option

  8. At the 4:19 mark you can clearly see that these are faked. You have the water rippling below two perfectly stationary people on the zip line. If you're going to fake it, at least put some effort into making it convincing.

  9. Great video.

  10. Michelle Johnson

    I'm about to get the The Canon EOS 400D is a digital SLR camera, and nervous and excited , Iv never owned or used a 'real camera' before , so came here to look for tutorials. Great explanation in your video, I just hope I mange to get some great shots with mine 🙂  Thank you for the upload x

  11. neener and james

  12. I really need help with canon eos 400d why I cant take picture when i am too close to the object? I zoom it and I need more larger then only zoom so i am too close to the object and the camera doesnt want to take the picture 🙁 I need some smart tips for it pleassee

  13. Great video, and like the first few seconds where it says we've all come home and viewed our photos / videos and been disappointed. I honestly think this video is very helpful without going to technical, and within 5 mins I have my landscape and portrait AF points locked in. Hope it'll work…….p.s. he sounds and looks a bit like Hugh Grant ! :)

  14. And now tell us somethng about the center point autofocus problem that so many customers have… 

  15. This is somewhat helpful as an overview but then you need to go back to explain more fully how and where you changed the settings.You move so fast that I had to actually stop the video and play it over and over to try to catch what you did. I still cannot find the exact settings that you used. Very frustrating!

  16. EdgarSteven Enriquez

    Nice video doe

  17. Cecelia Dardanes

    Thank you, this is helpful. This is my first real camera and I am learning lots of great techniques. Thanks again this was very helpful for me.

  18. He sounds like Hugh Grant's long lost…

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