Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR Camera: The Mark of Legends

Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR Camera: The Mark of Legends

- in CANON


  1. Directed by Michael Bay.

  2. patricio madrid


    avaliable at 51200 iso

  4. Why cant they make easy movies

  5. Cool! But those photos at the ending…not even impressing. They could use some MUCH better photos haha

  6. Sultan Al-Ghoul

    Stop manufacturing crapy cameras please we paid a lot of money on nothing 

  7. Sultan Al-Ghoul

    Red weapon is the real legendary camera canon should do its best to reach that level 

  8. Canon EOS 6D Mark ii release date???????

  9. finally canon wake up from sleep…

  10. canon 6d mk ii release date????????

  11. Lighthouse Photography

    Pre-orderd today. Best Canon DSLR for photo and video ordered from the best photo-video store.

  12. This God-made DSLR is the Lamborghini Veneno of dslr line! i will rather save this one in sinking boat than my girlfriend! No joke…!

  13. haha still same sensor no renovation

  14. Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!?

    If the 5dmk4 is like this and has 4k60….i may switch …Sony cyan sucks.

  15. Tyler C. Reeves

    so without a shutter release port, how would one go about syncing this camera with a 3-axis timelapse rig using ShootMoveShoot technique?

  16. Cristian Marius Balaceanu

    Superb photo camera ! Canon always surprises me pleasantly ! :)

  17. dony chrismanto

    when will canon 5d mark iv and 6d mark ii be released?

  18. Why did you give this camera 20 meg when you gave the 5DS 50 ? Why could it not have been 24 or 25 ? Not less than a 5D Mark III ???? Most sports or action photographers all use the 7D Mark II, because you want extended reach with the crop without losing f stops.

  19. Woodgate Photography

    Where's the canon 5d Mark 4?????

  20. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! like this cause you cant afford this either lol!

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