Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5 Unboxing & Full Review: Features, Controls, Still & Video Performance

Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5 Unboxing & Full Review: Features, Controls, Still & Video Performance

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  1. You are awesome!!!! I loved this video!

  2. Thank you that was very good!I had to sell my 60d due to a financial issue and bought this camera as i have to have one but most pics have been crap….This tutorial helped me heaps

  3. Does anyone know if the canon eos rebel t5 can auto focus while recording a video??

  4. Which I should get 1200D vs D3200

  5. just a question…so I'm a youtube (makeup videos mainly) and I'm on a budget would this be a good camera to invest in?

  6. Matthew Hernandez

    im buying my first dslr camera, what should I choose between canon 1200d and nikon d3200 ?

  7. Abhijeet Redkar

    And m a beginner

  8. Abhijeet Redkar

    Hey Which one is a better camera Canon 1200D or 700D ????
    As I am not understanding what is the difference between both ….

  9. Raveesha Thelis

    Thanks for your demonstration

  10. debasish mallick

    I am confused between Canon 1200 D and Nikon D3300. Both are priced same but canon is packed with 2 lenses. Please suggest the option. I am just a casual photographer. I need a DSLR for day today uses.
    Thank You

  11. good video sir but i want to learn wildlife photography which is the best camera please advise me sir and i am a beginner !

  12. Did he say British dollars that pisses me off so much

  13. Which is the button for dslr effect?

  14. How long can you record video for?

  15. any suggestion for 2 level cam in CANON ? i have EOS 500D ,

  16. A good review.

    But a I'd recommend you to get the show a bit organised. Unbox, then show and explain the features and then go for Pros and Cons. Half the way, you ended up saying why the camera is good for nothing.

    Penning my comment, I am not a beginner, still I use this one basically because of the simplicity in controls. Photography is good when done to accidental expressions and objects and when you come through one such thing,you wouldn't like to take your camera,turn on move ahead with complex controls and when you get ready to shoot, the moment is good.

    Again, a nice review!

  17. I got it from amazon in at 19, 500 !! ????????????

  18. k hg v gfdsaqwshyjuki

  19. what is the background music called?

  20. does this camera have stereo microphone?

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