Canon EOS 1200D (Rebel T5) Hands-on Review

Canon EOS 1200D (Rebel T5) Hands-on Review

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  1. Naija Musketeers

    What camera did you use for this video

  2. You really should already know how to use the camera before making a review video. Trying to figure it out on-screen looks ridiculous especially if it's a review video. Viewers don't have time for that.

  3. I stopped watching halfway because I realized it wasn't really a hands-on review but just a reason to put out content with minimal comedic value. it also didn't really help me with the camera at all. literally somebody holding the camera for the first time will find out everything you just said in the video.

  4. Where was this shot? looks beautiful!

  5. Vineeth Jaganathan

    Looks like you've trolled Eos 1200d ????

  6. kebanyakan kritik lo,kampret

  7. 8:04 – Gotta be the best road ever named ????????????

  8. hamster loverforever

    What do u search at appstore ?

  9. Hey You are a fucking idiot. Who made you a photographer. The fucking mad.

  10. why is that man in the video so disrespectful…he's too sarcastic and cocky and the video sucks(cock)

  11. Just a stupid Chinese guy with a cancer on his nose!

  12. Where were you in this video??

  13. canon 1200d or Nikon D3200

  14. i was a finding a button worse than the dislike button but then i thought if there was any button worse than that!

  15. Who's he trying kid? first time he's had fist action from a guy? yeah ok then. you were that guys glove for that weekend. you're an absolute douche bag

  16. What a douche bag

  17. WTF is this ? is this review ? childish and stupid

  18. glyn whittington

    what a waste of time

  19. what is the app that you were talking about?

  20. international media group


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