Canon DSLR Equipment | 7D, Sigma DG & DC Lenses, DP4-EVF, Matte Box, Follow Focus

Canon DSLR Equipment | 7D, Sigma DG & DC Lenses, DP4-EVF, Matte Box, Follow Focus

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  1. Very educational. Where can I purchase the mattbox

  2. Fantastic Info… Thanks for sharing!

  3. very useful videos, thanks 

  4. Estevan Rodriguez

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but Im looking at a matte box and Noticing that yours is much larger than lets say a Camtree MB 23 and wanted to know if there was a reason, for a wider range in depth or maybe not? 

    Also would you happen to have the model of matte box you have there I would love to check it out. Thanks and great video, def will be getting the DV4

  5. What brand / model of Follow focus are you using with this rig?

  6. What matte box do you have on there?

  7. I laughed…

  8. What would you estimate the cost of buying all this equipment for filming a documentary?

  9. Vincent Bolger (Vincent Bolger Films)

    What brand is that matte box? 

  10. Terry Timberlake (TerryTproduction)

    great work brother

  11. What tripod you use to support this rig?

  12. How Much is the Total Accessories not including the Canon 7D?

  13. Very informative about the specific type of lenses for doing film but now this equipment looks oober expensive lol…fun video bro

  14. As soon as I heard about the crap Sigma lenses I deleted the page.

  15. This is a GREAT video! Informative and fun. You explain in a way that makes it easy to understand. Thank´s!

  16. Leena Circle Page

    Excellent your video is very helpful yet entertaining too. Thank you for sharing.
    But your background music is surprisingly about to make the viewers to CRAP their PANTS. It sounded like Biff Baff Buff Biff Baff Buff The Nutt is about to Crack ur Skulls hehehehe. 🙂  :)

  17. What kind of tripod is that?

  18. I watch your video and listened for details on your components, none was offered. ie here's my Zacuto follow focus, here's my Blank cage, here's my Ikan Matte Box, etc, etc. Short vids need facts.

  19. Vanz Kristian Lavado

    hi did you tried to used 10mm UWA lenses to your rig? i think the mattebox will be appear on your shot. 🙂 thanks!

  20. Clinton Providence

    where did you get that mattbox and what is its brand

  21. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me.


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