Canon: Bird Photography with Arthur Morris: Camera settings

Canon: Bird Photography with Arthur Morris: Camera settings

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  1. Great video! I just purchase Canon 6D with sigma 150-600 Contemporary & I wonder if you can create a video about
    the right settings for Aviation photography (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) for keeping the pictures sharp & clear & also hear some tips.


  2. surely picture style makes no difference to the image if you're shooting raw?
    why is he saying he gets more consistent results?
    great video nonetheless

  3. Raghavan Sridharan

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing. After seeing g this video I tried clicking few birds and the result came out pretty well. Can you please tell me what tripod you are using. Looks excellent. 

  4. what is difference in assigning Auto focus to AF on button and Star button? How do they both activate one picture and AI servo respectively while same action being assigned to both buttons?

  5. Merely saying which settings were chosen, without saying what they are and what they do, is entirely unhelpful – and very frustrating. This video would have been much better with further explanation with respect to this.

  6. The best information I ever got on bird photography up to now. Thank's so much, Arthur and Canon. I am quite happy with my EOS 1 D Mk III and 7 D!

  7. So AF-On and * are set to do the same thing? Why not just use AF-ON?

  8. hey last thing my camera seems to have iso d plus on my camera i dont want to use this how do i make it normal again so i can use iso 100 ect

  9. Please help me. I can't seem to actually change what focus points I want to use what have I done wrong. How do I go through the points. I seem to be stuck on expandable group points. 

  10. How do i keep the focus square on display all the time on my viewfinder, it only activates when i press the focus…i want to know where my focus point is set before i start aiming.

    sorry im new to canon, i have been shooting Nikon for more than a decade and the menu term need to get used to.



    good job thanks my friend .

  12. Christopher Mathes

    I've taken one of Arthur's workshops in Fl. I highly recommend it if you have a chance to join one. I learn so much during that workshop. Arthur is a great teacher

  13. hey would u recommend cano 7d mark 2 and 400 f5.6 or new nikon 300 f4 vr and d7100  with tele converter

  14. Love these videos, can you do some going more into the various AF Cases and which ones to use in which situations as it relates to birding.

  15. Just an FYI.  The 7D2 gives you the ability to set both the Af-ON and * button for different drive modes (i.e. 2 back button Af).  I have the AF-ON button set to One Shot (spot focus) and the * button set for Ai Servo, therefore, I no longer have to rely on the Ai servo back button bumping when I want to take a stationary shot.  

    Also, it is more efficient to set up the Custom Shooting Modes (C1-C3) with all your settings that way you are ready to go and you don't have to go back through the menus looking for things.  For example:  I have C1 set for general bird photography, C2 for sports photograpy and C3 for BIF.  I use C3 because if in another mode and there's a BIF opportunity, I can quickly turn the dial to C3 without looking (dial won't go farther than C3 so I don't have to look to verify correct setting) and I am quickly ready and in my BIF settings ready to go.  Note: if you setup the Customs Shooting Modes and want any changes you make to take affect, you need to enable "auto update."

    Just something to think about

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