Canon 7Dii Mark 2 vs Samsung NX1 Epic Shootout Review | Which Camera to Buy | Training Tutorial

Canon 7Dii Mark 2 vs Samsung NX1 Epic Shootout Review | Which Camera to Buy | Training Tutorial



  1. John Willam Syysvesi

    Your video is the most informative camera comparison I have seen in YT! And I've seen a lot;)

  2. auto focus is amazing on 7d mk II really fast!

  3. Adobe Premier just released an update to support H.265!

  4. btw, about the buffer thing, would it be fairer to compare burst with the same megapixel size? just my 2 cents. great review btw


    Thanks a great deal, what a good review!

  6. Great Video. I took the portrait Test at 26:45 and I my score preferred Canon images on 10/12 in the test.

  7. Great review! Really loved your 12 photo comparison test. I wonder how your review would be different with the 1.4 firmware update on the NX1. Also there's rumor that Samsung is dropping the NX1. Kinda bummed out by that.

  8. Michael, I think you are the best in Youtube world. Your videos are very informative, easy to understand but full of expert knowledges which you skillfully package into batches of informations for laymen to understand.Being an instructor, you have the best pedagogy of the bunch.
    I find the new Samsung NX 500 is full of thrills to explore but it is mythically absent in your reviews. Can you do one some day ?

  9. jeffry de meyer

    Hi have you considered revisiting this camera? after almost a year samsung put out a couple of firmware updates and adobe now supports the codec samsung uses.
    I would be interested to see your opinion on it now.

  10. Giutubo Spatubo

    Why did you compared the canon at 10 fps and the Samsung at 15fps? It's not a professional way to compare cameras.

  11. wow I didn't seen this video until now . it's very good and that's intro music remind me of God of war video game

  12. Philip Weißner

    There is an Firmware Update that fixes that Fokus Problem which Appears when using the 70-200 2.8 so all good with the Canon 🙂
    Thanks for the great Videos your doing :)

  13. 7dmkii
    Side to side-93%
    Forward Action-73%
    Away Action-55%

    70D from other video
    Side to side-99%
    Forward Action-91%
    Away Action-97%

  14. Ok just finished it.  I will preface this with the fact I shoot with a 1dc (4k 1dx basically).  I find it curious that some of the very key selling points of the NX1 were glossed over.  The 4k recording temperature isn't important as long as it still works.  The 7dII won't record a single frame of 4k video – I think it's more than fair to state the NX-1's very key benefits – Touch screen!  Flip up/down screen!  1080p @ 120 frames per second…Better AF in video mode – will continually AF @ 120FPS (The Gh4 won't allow that even at the soft 96fps.  The ability to record video with an EVF in bright sunlifght.  If I were going out shooting stills only I'd pick the 7dII, but for an all arounder the NX1 wins.  Unless I bring my 1dc..:)  Great review otherwise.

  15. Question – can you adjust the NX1 down to a 10fps burst?  I wonder how many shots continuously you'd get then.  Also keep in mind it's writing almost 50% more data – 28 MP vs 20.

  16. you forgot Fuji. Panasonic must die

  17. Shitty Canon fanboy can not admit their canon fail to update. Check the Nx1 latest update the traction had improved to near 90% accuracy for all shot including focus while zooming.

  18. Marisa Fotosensible

    Greatest and most accurate tutorial  I have seen to get a neutral comparison between these two cameras, I have seen after having been exhaustively monitoring all the available videos for nearly one month. Thanks very much! Congratulations!

  19. Great super in depth review.
    One thing I was wondering was the time you have to wait for each camera until the buffer empties completely so that you get the full frame rate again starting with an empty buffer>

  20. Xavier López de Arriaga Candiani

    You were totally biased to the canon the whole time. Good review. Compare 4k vs 4k. That is unfair.

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