Canon 7D Mark II vs Sony a6000 – Digital Camera Output Comparison

Canon 7D Mark II vs Sony a6000 – Digital Camera Output Comparison

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  1. This is a shit review – where do i get my money back for the lost time?

  2. 歡笑一籮筐

    a6000 video looks a little red

  3. Jessica barcelo

    would the sony a6000 be a good camera for beauty, makeup , & fashion blog. ?

  4. Would the sony 6000 be a good camera for macro. like pollen small. love your vids man there awesome. peace up.

  5. GreenPeasProductions

    how exactly do you shoot at 60 and slow down to 24?

  6. photoved photoved


  7. Best reviewer I seen yet ! Good pace, good info , what can I say ? I'm impressed .

  8. TheOriginalSyntesis

    Why is the person shooting video with the a6000 barely moving at all?

  9. No matter how highly tech a camera is, if it's not weather sealed is a flawed design. Period.

  10. As soon as I heard "go ahead and crank down to 500th for shutter speed"….

  11. Nice analysis of the stills.

  12. Both video samples looks pretty choppy.

  13. Photographic Elements

    could you compare the canon 5dmark3 to the sony a7 (not the mark2, but the mark1)? thanks.

  14. Lavikka Photography

    Its my microphone adapter for the Ecm wm1.

  15. What is mounted on top of the a6000? It's attached to the hotshoe?

  16. Excellent video!  Why does no one else ever explain the color difference between Canon and Sony/Nikon?  You not only explained it but you were very clear and used impressive examples.  Thanks! ps: On my Sony a6000 I always end up dialing down the yellow a lot, and the orange a little. Less so on my Nikon D750.

  17. Good review and points Mr. D !

  18. Nice toilet in the back ground. 😉 is that to test the weather sealing of both cameras? 

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